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Indonesian President In Damage Control Over New Capital

JAKARTA, Indonesia: Indonesia's president is rushing to reassure investors and bureaucrats about his $32 billion new capital city in a malaria-prone pocket of Borneo, after the resignations of two officials overseeing the plan raised fresh doubts about its future.
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What A Prabowo Win Signals For US-Indonesia Relations

WASHINGTON, US: Soon after voting ended in the world’s fourth-largest country and third-largest democracy, Prabowo Subianto is claiming a knock-out blow winning more than half the vote and the necessary number of provinces to eliminate both his challengers.
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The Sad Decline Of Indonesia’s Anti-Graft Watchdog

HONG KONG, China:Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission, known by its initials KPK, once feared for its feats in bringing criminals to justice, is now becoming famous for the scandals that have befallen its employees and leaders in the wake of the 2019 emasculation of the agency by the House of Representatives, with the acquiescence of President Joko Widodo.
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Of Keluarga Malaysia And Unabashed Institutional Racism

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--If you are Malaysian and do not belong to the ruling elite Malay class, you have to be depressed by the current state of affairs in the country and its slide towards a poor imitation of what it once was.

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