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A Month Of New Power Flexing

Regional moves to expand power influence and friendshoring efforts have been intensifying
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Space-capable Link 16 Will Be ‘Game Changer’ In Indo-Pacific Conflict With China

LONDON, UK: As the US looks to exploit cracks in China’s formidable “red kill chain,” built expressly to keep the United States well outside the Second Island Chain in the event of a war for Taiwan, Beijing is going have a much harder time doing the same to America’s own “blue” kill chain thanks to a formidable new technology — a jam-resistant Link-16 that now extends to and from space.
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South Korea Faces Blowback Over Ill Advised Involvement In Ukraine Conflict

Back in August last year, analysts from the influential American newspaper Financial Times reported the signing of an agreement between the US, South Korea and Bulgaria on a comprehensive exchange of 155 mm artillery ammunition, as a result of which South Korean shells were at the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 
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Malaysia’s Growing Role In Shifting Power Game In Chip Industry

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Semiconductors are critical components found in everything from smartphones to automobiles, have regained their critical importance in global geopolitical contests and are at the forefront of the US – China rivalry on technology and supremacy in the power equation.
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The Shortsighted US-Japan-South Korea Military Pact

WASHINGTON, US: Driven by their common perception that North Korea and China posed growing threats to their nations’ security, U.S. President Joe Biden, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida agreed at last August’s summit at Camp David to elevate trilateral military ties to an unprecedented level.
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The Future Of South Korea’s Nuclear Energy Policy

WASHINGTON, US: The opposition Democratic Party’s landslide victory in South Korea’s April 10 parliamentary election appears likely to significantly influence the government’s energy policy, particularly regarding nuclear power generation. This could bring about substantial changes in the direction and momentum of future energy policies and intensified conflicts as the victors seek legislative and budgetary adjustments.
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NATO Member Turkey Takes Role Of 'Active Neutrality' In Red Sea Crisis

WASHINGTON, US: Israel’s war on Gaza has significantly internationalized with its expansion into the Red Sea since November. This body of water, which is critical from the standpoint of global trade, is consequently becoming increasingly militarized.
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Immigration: Global Election Issue

HONG KONG, SAR: Spoken or not, the issue of migration is an overt or covert issue for much of the politics of the world today, especially in a year with elections scheduled in eight of the world's 10 most populous nations.
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ASEAN Statement On South China Sea: The Right Step Forward

MANILA. Philippines: In what is seen by many as an unprecedented move, the foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) issued a stand-alone statement expressing concern about the developments in the South China Sea and reaffirming “the shared commitment to maintaining and promoting peace, security and stability in the region” where tension has been growing over conflicting claims in the South China Sea.
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Why Ukraine’s offensive has stalled

LONDON, UK: Whenever Russian missiles strike a Ukrainian city, or Kyiv’s drones target a building in Moscow, the attacks are inevitably followed by the sort of media coverage worthy of a Blitz raid. Yet generating headlines is just about their only achievement: precision missiles cannot deliver much explosive, and drones even less. As for their great accuracy, it is only effective when valuable targets can be identified — something which is hard to do except against tanks on the battlefield and warships floating on open water.

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ASEAN’S China Dilemma

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The 43rd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits in Jakarta are again a manifestation of distinct power plays, denting any aspired efficacy of the scramble to elevate conflict prevention mechanisms.

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Unwilling To Choose, Southeast Asia Is Spoiled For Choice

HONG KONG, China: A century ago, American humorist Robert Benchley quipped that there are “two classes of people in the world; those who constantly divide the people of the world into two classes, and those who do not.” Thomas Parks does not.

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It’s Time To End The Forever War On The Korean Peninsula

WASHINGTON, US: When talking about “war” in the year 2023, most people will immediately think of Ukraine and then possibly mention Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, or Afghanistan. Very few people would think of Korea first when the word “war” is mentioned, let alone when talking about a “forever war,” a term many, including current U.S. President Joe Biden, use to describe the war in Afghanistan.

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