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Time To Terminate US Counter-Terrorism Programs In Africa

WASHINGTON, US: Every so often I am reminded of how counter-productive US engagement in the world has become. Of how, after miserable failure after failure, this country’s foreign policy makers keep trying to run the globe and fail again. From the strategic defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan to the feckless effort to sway the excessive Israeli military operation in Gaza, the US has squandered its power, exceeded its capabilities, and just plain failed.
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What An Even Stronger Modi Might Mean For US-India Relations

WASHINGTON, US: To many observers, the leadership of President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has marked an emerging shift in the Indo-American relationship, pointing towards a new era of mutual alignment.
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Will Mexico's Next President Step Out On The Global Stage?

WASHINGTON, US: Millions of Mexican voters will head to the polls this Sunday for what is likely to be a historic national election. With over 20,000 congressional and local positions up for grabs, it’s the largest election in the country's recent history.
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Malaysia Must Prepare For An Economic Slowdown

BANGKOK, Thailand: With the latest World Bank’s forecast warning that most economies will grow much slower in 2024 and 2025, Malaysia must be very cautious as the local economy is directly exposed to global events.
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Russo-Ukrainian War: Widening The Front

SMO: There are certain regions of the world that seemed destined by the cruel caprice of geography and chance to be perennial battlegrounds.
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Zelensky Regime's Overture To China Does Not Line Up With Reality

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The regime of V. Zelensky, through Western curators, unsuccessfully seeks to involve Beijing in its international anti-Russian adventures. For example, the head of the office of the President of Ukraine A. Ermak directly stated that Kyiv is making attempts to involve China in the process of implementing the so-called. the Ukrainian “peace formula” so that Beijing, along with Western countries, would exert diplomatic pressure on Moscow as part of its “compulsion to end the war.”
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Ukraine's Sovereignty Evaporates As West Tightens Grip Trough Zelensky Regime

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The U.S., which over the past ten years has used Ukraine as a tool for geopolitical confrontation with Russia, is seeking to establish total control over the process of making military-political decisions in Kyiv and the system-forming sectors of the Ukrainian economy. 
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Malaysia’s Dysfunctional Elites

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: In the realm of societal leadership, a dysfunctional elite emerges as a group entrusted with authority and influence, yet failing in their fundamental duties towards the wider community. These elites, whether in politics, business, or academia, exhibit telltale signs of a malaise that hampers their effectiveness and betrays their solemn responsibilities.
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Massive Investment And Financial Reform Needed To Rescue SDGs

NEW YORK, US: Financing for sustainable development is at a crossroads and without urgent investment, global efforts to achieve a more just and equitable world by 2030 will fail, the UN deputy chief warned on Tuesday. 
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Stop The Burial Of Truth In The Case Of Amri Che Mat

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: We call upon your government to stop the attempts to bury the truth in the case of Amri Che Mat who was enforced disappeared on November 24, 2016, in Kangar, Perlis, seemingly targeted for being a Shia Muslim.
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Politicians Come And Go, But The Elite Are Permanent In Malaysia

BANGKOK, Thailand: Governments do change in Malaysia. Each incoming administration will have its own narratives and specific agendas. However, policies will be generally very similar, and based upon the same principles as the previous government. In and around the executive and administrative government is a network of elite people, who collectively yield massive power. The actors can be seen in GLCs, corporations, royal households, civil servants, the judiciary, police, and within the executive itself. This massive power is however, hidden due to its fragmentation, and unseen influence its membership carries.
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When Politicians Want To Go To Heaven

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: It was reported that UMNO’s sole assemblyman in Kelantan, Mohd Syahbuddin Hashim, voted along with the rest of the state legislature to support a motion to re-enact provisions of the Shariah criminal code that the Federal Court recently declared unconstitutional. In explaining the assembly’s puerile act of defiance of the highest court in the land, Syahbuddin said, “We want to go to heaven”. 
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Is Malaysia Ready For A Global Recession?

BANGKOK, Thailand: With the latest World Bank’s forecast warning that most economies will grow much slower in 2024 and 2025, Malaysia must be very cautious as the local economy is directly exposed to global events.
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