By Siti Kassim

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--I understand the concerns by many of you here. I have been accused of many things including a Trojan horse for some political parties. Funded by some political people just to split votes amongst PH.

I have been called a Murtad and a betrayer to my own race just because I want equality for all Malaysians and separation of religion and state. Federal government has no business in managing religion. 

I have condemned religious authorities and figures for their actions which are not acceptable in this day and age and against our Federal Constitution. 
Let me ask you my friends, how many of these PH MPs have stood up for you especially from PKR and Amanah in the above subject matters? Just look at the recent case, Madam Loh and the unilateral conversion of her children. How many of these PH MPs spoke up for her?

We are not against any political parties. We are against the systemic problems we are having in our country. We do not see any political will from any of the sides be it PH or BN or PN.

We have seen how political parties or party whip work in the system. Lest you forget what happened during the budget in 2020 where PH could bring down the budget and a vote of no confidence could have happened but it's political warlord told them not to vote against it and all MPs under PH followed the instructions.

This is the dilemma we have within our political party system. Even good MPs are unable to vote following their conscience or what their constituency would want. 
They have to follow party bosses. Until and unless we have good leadership, one who does not have a personal agenda or one who is busy fighting to be the next PM, we can never get the change we seek.

If PH is as noble as you all wish, GI would not have existed. We are doing this as a national service for our country. If you want to accuse us or suspect us of being the bad guys, there is nothing I can do. 
I can only say, those who have been watching me will know I have been consistent throughout my activism as a Malaysian or as a lawyer. I only want the best for our country and for all Malaysians.

A soul mate who is not a politician but just an ordinary hardworking businessman who shares the same vision as mine decided to put his money where his mouth is. Nearly all of the costs so far he had been footing himself. 
That is how much he believes in me and us as Malaysians. On top of that, we have volunteers who worked hard on this project. None of us is paid except one staff member in MAJU that helps to manage the Gerak Independent.

And you accuse us of trying to bring down your beloved PH? Just look at the Johor election. Why do you think PKR went on their own? Why do DAP and Amanah give at least 6 seats to MUDA but none coming from PKR? Think about it.

The truth is, we are talking to MUDA, WARISAN and DAP. We are not interested in PKR because we know how they are. I have seen how they treated PSM in previous elections. 
We are not wasting time talking to people who only think for themselves but not for the people. The Johor election is proof. I am not surprised they won't work with MUDA.

It is not true that only political parties can form a government. A coalition of like minded groups of people including political parties and Independents can form a government. 
Who knows, Gerak Independent may well just be the decision maker on who forms a government if there is no clear majority. Who do you think we will go with? Clearly, parties that only have the rakyat at heart will win our votes.

So, there you go. Time for a different paradigm, people. If you share my vision, it is time to vote for the PERSON rather than the POLITICAL PARTY. We need good people in Parliament to change the systemic problem we have. 
Only Parliament can change it. Education, Separation of Powers, MA63, Equality for all in which all of these are Gerak Independent pillars.

If you are still not convinced, this is democracy after all. We are free to choose who we want at the voting booth.