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Nigerian Troops Recover 6 Anti Aircraft guns, Hilux Truck, IED Materials

ABUJA, Nigeria-The Nigerian Special  Forces troops has again recorded another significant victory in the ongoing fight against Boko Haram terrorists as troops of 'Operation Desert Sanity II', 'Operation Hadin Kai', successfully recovered  caches of weapons and ammunition from the insurgents hideouts  in the Ukuba axis of Sambisa forest on Saturday, 29 April, 2023. 

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Nigerian Army Kills 35 Terrorists, Destroys 12 Camps In Sambisa Forest

ABUJA, NIGERIA-The Nigeria Army Troops of the 21-Armored Brigade, Bama, Operation Hadin Kai (OPHK) and 199 Special Forces Battalion in collaboration with  Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), have killed 35 Boko Haram terrorists in the ongoing clearance operation in Sambisa Forest.

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It’s way beyond foibles!

NEW YORK, U.S.-Although no region is immune to terrorism, the situation in Africa is especially concerning, Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Tuesday, underlining UN support to countries striving to “end this scourge.”

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Chief Boko Haram Bomb Maker Awana Gaidam Killed By Own IED In Sambisa Forest

ABUJA, Nigeria-In what will be described as a major breakthrough in the the Nigerian military Operation in the North East  and to also confirm that all is not well within the  Boko Haram terrorists camp, as their chief bomb maker and a high ranking terrorist, Awana Gaidam was killed by his own Improvised Explosive Device(IED).

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ISWAP Commander Abu Muhammed Executes Deputy Over Military Attack On Hideout

ABUJA, Nigeria-A Commander of the Islamic State of the West African Province(ISWAP), Abu Muhammed, has executed his immediate deputy, Abu Darda, for enabling military operation into their camp in Mukdolo and Bone villages which led to the killing of 41 fighters including Abu-Zahra Munzir.

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Congo Sees Deadly Surge In Intercommunal Violence

NEW YORK, U.S.--More than 140 people have been killed in horrific intercommunal violence in the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Tuesday, briefing journalists in Geneva, that some victims had been beheaded.

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Can An Ex-al-Shabab Deputy-Turned-Somali Official Open Space For Talks?

WASHINGTON, U.S.--The recent appointment of a former al-Shabab deputy Mukhtar Robow (aka Abut Mansur) as the Minister of Endowment and Religion in Somalia’s new cabinet has generated considerable debate about what Robow’s appointment means for the war on terror in Somalia as well as for potential reconciliation efforts.

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New Ebola Outbreak Declared In The Democratic Republic of Congo

NEW YORK,U.S.--The health authorities of the African nation declared a new outbreak of Ebola after a case was confirmed in Mbandaka, a city in the north-western Equateur Province, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Saturday.

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NDLEA Stops Drugs From Nigeria Into Brazil , UK

ABUJA, Nigeria--Illicit drugs imported from India and Ghana have been intercepted by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) over the last one week.

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Are We Training Future Coup Leaders And Creating New Terrorists In West Africa?

WASHINGTON, U.S.--Last week was a difficult one for the U.S. military mission in Africa’s Sahel. For the better part of 20 years, the United States has employed a plethora of counterterrorism and security cooperation programs, providing a steady flow of funds, weapons, equipment and American advisers, even deploying commandos on low-profile combat missions to thwart the rise of militant Islamist groups in West Africa.

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Another West African Coup? After Burkina Faso, Time To Rethink Military Aid

WASHINGTON, U.S.--On January 23-24, a coup in Burkina Faso overthrew President Roch Kabore. This is the fourth coup in Africa’s Sahel region in less than eighteen months, counting the August 2020 coup in Mali, the April 2021 coup in Chad, and Mali’s “coup within a coup” last May.

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When Peace Comes: Imagining The End Of Nigeria’s Boko Haram War

GENEVA, Switzerland--A grim jihadist conflict has ground on for more than a decade in Nigeria’s remote northeast, killing at least 35,000 people, making millions more homeless, and triggering one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

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