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Malaysia’s Economy In On Life Support

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia-On 10 Feb 2021, I wrote an opinion piece justifying why Malaysia’s economic life is terminally ill based on the sub-headings - corruption on the precipice, economy bleeding, and fiscals sucked dry.

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Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump

SMO-Since Russia’s surprise decision to voluntarily withdraw from west bank Kherson in the first week of November, there has been little in the way of dramatic changes to the frontlines in Ukraine. 

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TikTok Must be Banned In US And Free World

NEW YORK, U.S.-The United States recently banned TikTok from all federal government devices over growing security concerns. That is a good start.

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Delayed War Powers Vote Risks Further Suffering In Yemen

WASHINGTON, U.S.--On Tuesday evening, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) withdrew his war powers resolution to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition’s brutal war in Yemen in return for a promise from the Biden administration to work with him on ending U.S. involvement in the conflict.

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Iran: Protests And Paralysis

The first is that even if the uprising hits an interlude to recuperate, as is often the case with such movements, it is unlikely to simply fade away. It has mobilized energies that cannot be tamed with time, and raised such hopes and expectations that even the most hard-boiled cynics in power won't be able to disregard.

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The US And EU Need A Sturdier Structure To Resolve Their Trade Squabbles

WASHINGTON, U.S.--The launch of the US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) was a major accomplishment for transatlantic ties. After four years of historically high tensions, it was critical for the United States and European Union (EU) to stabilize the relationship. 

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EU Needs To ‘Cooperate With China’ As Concerns Of Trade War With US Rise

BEIJING, China--As concerns of a possible trade war between the EU and the US increase, Chinese analysts said major European economies need to make pragmatic and wise decisions to safeguard their own interests rather than following Washington too closely at their own costs while serving the US hegemony.

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US using Ukraine conflict For Its Own Selfish Goals

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Washington has intensified its activities aimed at increasing its role in the modern world order and weakening the European Union (EU) as a global player.

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Turkey's Looming Invasion Of Syria Tests US-Kurdish Ties

LONDON, UK--Turkey’s threatened incursion into northern Syria is testing US efforts to balance between an important counterterrorism partner in the Middle East and a pivotal geopolitical ally in the war in Ukraine.

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ASEAN Must Oppose China’s Nuclearisation Of South China Sea

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia--China’s aggressive militarisation of the South China Sea (SCS) is well-known and widely condemned by the ASEAN littoral states that border the sea but Beijing’s belligerent ways are not merely confined to island building, illegal fishing and territorial intrusions.
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What To Expect From India’s G20 Presidency

WASHINGTON, U.S.--As the clock winds down on Indonesia’s 2022 G20 Presidency, the seventeenth overall, a transition is taking place as India assumes the role for 2023.

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