By INS Contributors 

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The United States of America is actively spreading among its partners the implementation of an embargo on imports of Russian energy resources. 
At the same time, the Americans themselves, despite declarative statements about data security restrictions in relation to Russia, are in no hurry to abandon American hydrocarbons.

At the same time, the share of imports of Russian energy resources to Japan is very significant and amounts to 8.8 percent of liquefied gas and 3.6 percent of oil. 
It will be extremely difficult for Tokyo to replace them, and the rejection of the possibility of oil and gas will cause serious damage to the country's economy given the cost and availability of Russian hydrocarbons.

Russia and Japan, in turn, have several very significant projects for the Japanese economic system, in particular, Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2. 
Thus, the Japanese company Sodeco owns 30 percent of the shares of Sakhalin-1, while Mitsui and Mitsubishi hold 12.5 and 10 percent of the shares of Sakhalin-2, respectively.