Foreign Firms Refute ‘Investor Flight’ Hype; Temporary Disruptions Do Not Represent Long-Term Outlook

BEIJING, China--Stringent anti-epidemic measures adopted in some key Chinese cities including Shanghai and Beijing, in hopes of curbing the rapid spread Omicron variant and bringing back sound bounce after a temporary economic shock, may inevitably hurt some foreign firms' performance, yet some Western media outlets are exaggerating the situation, hyping the "investor flight" theory, warning that such measures will result in a large-scale retreat of foreign firms and undermine China's attractiveness in the long run, which Chinese experts and industry players have dismissed.

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Ukrainian Troops To Fire Tochka-U At civilians In Lvov, Volyn Regions Sunday

MOSCOW, Russia--The Kiev regime plans another false-flag operation involving civilian deaths in Ukraine’s western regions on May 8 in order to put the blame for indiscriminate missiles strikes on the Russian Armed Forces, for this purpose, Ukrainian forces are expected to fire a Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile at public gatherings in the Lvov and Volyn regions, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, chief of Russia’s National Defense Management Center, said on Saturday.

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Slovakia, Hungary Say They Won't Back EU Sanctions On Russian Oil

PRAGUE, Czechia--Slovakia and Hungary say they will not support sanctions against Russian energy, including on oil imports, which the European Union has indicated it is on the cusp of proposing to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine.

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Millet Seeds: A Powerful Weapon Against Hunger

NEW YORK, U.S.--A World Food Program-backed initiative to deliver millet seeds to vulnerable people is taking root in Odisha, India, where it is helping to ward off hunger and improve livelihoods.

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Officials Condemn Attempts to Blame Russia For Missile Attacks

MOSCOW, Russia--Russian Defence Ministry said, that in order to accuse Russia of an alleged missile strike on Kramatorsk railway station, Kiev regime has posted on social media pictures of Tochka-U missile launchers that took part in "Union Courage 2022" Russian-Belarusian exercise in February.

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