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APEC Is On Track To Meet Aspirational Energy Goals

TOKYO, Japan--APEC is on track to meet its aspirational goals to reduce energy intensity by 45 percent by 2035, relative to 2005 levels, and to double the share of modern renewables by 2030, relative to 2010 levels, according to a newly launched energy report.

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New WHO Policy Requires Sharing Of All Research Data

GENEVA, Switerland--Science and public health can benefit tremendously from sharing and reuse of health data. Sharing data allows us to have the fullest possible understanding of health challenges, to develop new solutions, and to make decisions using the best available evidence.

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A Trip That Pointed The Way Forward In Turbulent Times And Reinvigorated The Ancient Silk Road

BEIJING, China--From September 14 to 16, 2022, President Xi Jinping attended the 22nd Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Samarkand and paid state visits to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan upon invitation. As the visit came to a conclusion, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi briefed the accompanying journalists on the visit.

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Tensions Flare After Turkish Forces Killed Fighting PKK In Iraq

WASHINGTON, U.S.--The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Monday that four Turkish soldiers had been killed during a military operation in northern Iraq—a sign of growing hostility between Ankara and Kurdish forces within Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

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‘Peace Process’ Is Dead, As Is Fragile Ceasefire In Ethiopia

WASHINGTON, U.S.--The long-anticipated renewed round of war between the Federal Government of Ethiopia against the Tigrayans began at dawn on August 24. The first shots were fired on the southern borders of Tigray near the town of Alamata. Each side blames the other for firing them.

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Ensuring Food Security Is Top Priority For APEC Ministers

BANGKOK, Thailand--Agriculture and food ministers from APEC member economies are expediting actions on a regional and domestic level to combat food insecurity by encouraging digitalization and innovation, improving productivity, promoting diversity, prioritizing sustainability and enhancing public-private partnerships.

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Heat, Drought And Wildfires During One Of The Warmest July's On Record

NEW YORK, U.S.--According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), temperatures were close to 0.4℃ above the 1991-2020 average across much of Europe, with southwestern and western Europe being the most above-average regions, because of an intense heatwave around mid-July.

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Iran: Systematic Persecution Of Baha'is

NEW YORK, U.S.--On June 15, 2022, Samin Ehsani, a follower of the Baha'i faith and an activist for children's rights in Iran was arrested and transferred to the infamous Evin Prison in Tehran. 

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Scholars Outline Conditions To Be Met For China’s Peaceful Reunification

BEIJING, China--China's newly released white paper on the Taiwan question showcased the historical and inevitable trend of reunification, with 1.4 billion Chinese people's determination, sincerity in practicing "one country, two systems" with compatriots in Taiwan island, and China's increasing strength in preventing external interference, analysts said during a symposium held by one of China's highest-level think tanks on Friday.

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HWPL Peace Library Increases Access To Education In Madagascar

SEOUL, South Korea--On April 29th, 2022, the HWPL Peace Library was established for the first time in Madagascar in collaboration with four local organizations, including Ank’Izy, Actions for Integrated Development (ASDI), National Consortium for Citizen Participation (CNPC) Madagascar, and Malagasy Fampihavanana Council (CFM).

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Looming Chip Glut Highlights More Prominent Role Of China

BEIJING, China--Samsung Electronics, the world's largest memory chip maker, said on Thursday that it expects mobile and PC chip demand would continue to weaken as macroeconomic uncertainties persist, according to Reuters. Earlier, US chipmaker Qualcomm Inc forecast lower-than-expected sales revenue for the current quarter as a slowdown in smartphone demand hit its mainstay handset chip business, Reuters reported.

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