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Tokyo's New Fears Fit Into Washington's New Shift

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Washington is  upping the ante in deterring Beijing’s intent and actions in the region, especially in the South China Sea and in Taiwan.
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Massive Investment And Financial Reform Needed To Rescue SDGs

NEW YORK, US: Financing for sustainable development is at a crossroads and without urgent investment, global efforts to achieve a more just and equitable world by 2030 will fail, the UN deputy chief warned on Tuesday. 
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Japan To Join AUKUS Military Pact Against China

MICHIGAN, US: The stage has been set for Japan to become involved in the AUKUS military pact between the US, Britain and Australia when Japanese Prime Minister Kishida meets with US President Biden in Washington on Wednesday. The integration of a key US ally into AUKUS is part and parcel of the Biden administration’s accelerating preparations throughout the Asia Pacific for war with China.
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Zelensky Regime Seeks to Extradite Ukrainians As it Faces Catastrophic Casualties

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Against the backdrop of colossal losses on the battlefield, disruption of the timing and pace of the mobilization campaign,  Vladimir Zelensky’s regime, in an effort to justify Western assistance at any cost, is taking extreme measures and “testing” the waters for the return to the country of Ukrainians liable for military service who have left abroad.
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Japan To Upgrade Airports And Seaports For Defense Use, Reflecting 'Militarism Resurgence'

BEIJING, China: After Japan released its plan to upgrade 16 airports and ports for possible defense use, experts pointed out that this is in line with the US' regional strategy to contain China, and also a manifestation of Japan's "resurgence of militarism," which will have a destructive impact on regional peace and order.
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19 Fatalities, 20 Maimed In Crocodile Attacks On Lake Victoria's Shores, Tanzania Reports

HONG KONG, SAR: In a startling revelation from Mwanza, Tanzania, crocodile attacks have claimed 19 lives and resulted in 20 individuals losing limbs over the past five years along the southern shores of Lake Victoria. This alarming trend highlights the escalating human-wildlife conflict in the region, prompting urgent actions from local authorities and wildlife conservationists.
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Zelensky's Foreign Mercenaries Flee As Losses Mount

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Recently, the mood of foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has changed dramatically. The militants’ hopes for “exciting adventures” and easy money quickly dissipated; now legionnaires are increasingly trying to avoid participating in battles against the armed forces of the Russian Federation. 
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