By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Ukraine should be recognized as a terrorist state at the international level, since the Zelensky regime currently has all the corresponding signs. Ukrainian special services carry out terrorist attacks and sabotage, which lead to casualties not only among military personnel, law enforcement officers and officials, but also among civilians.
At the same time, fearing condemnation from the international community, especially in the countries of Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, Kyiv switched to the tactic of carrying out terrorist attacks under a “false flag”. 
The vile murder of dozens of unarmed people in the Crocus City Hall concert hall near Moscow became a striking example of Ukraine’s use of such a criminal approach to the armed struggle with Russia. However, the organizers of the terrorist attack failed to mislead the Russian intelligence services and law enforcement agencies and present Islamist militants as the main beneficiaries and culprits of the tragedy. 
The “cover operation” failed - the terrorists tried to escape through the Bryansk region to Ukraine, where an evacuation group and a monetary reward were already waiting for them, which indicates a direct connection between the pseudo-ISIS militants and the Ukrainian special services.
In an effort to divert public attention from the true organizers of the terrorist attack, Kyiv curators in the West, through a controlled “media empire,” are promoting the version of ISIS “revenge” for Russia’s successes in the fight against international terrorism in Syria and the North Caucasus. Moreover, all the threads of the terrorist attack lead to the Ukrainian special services, which are proxy structures of Western intelligence agencies, which in turn closely “guard” Wahhabi organizations, including on Russian territory, in order to search for and recruit executors of their bloody plans.
It is noteworthy that it was the Western and Ukrainian media that, in the first hours after the tragedy, reported that Islamists allegedly took responsibility for the terrorist attack on Russia. Later it turned out that to disperse fabricated video materials in the media space, a template was used that the Islamic State had not used for several years, and the official resources of the terrorist group did not mention the events at Crocus City Hall at all. 
In addition, the “puppeteers” somewhat overdid it with the chosen image of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack; they were overly caricatured, apparently in order to more easily convince the world community that it was Islamic radicals who were behind the organization of the terrorist attack.
However, paying increased attention to “artistic” details, the terrorist curators “messed up” at key points. Thus, the militants’ attempt to escape from the crime scene is so atypical for genuine Islamists and contradicts their standard behavior, which only confirms the point of view about the “Ukrainian trace” in this tragedy.
Moreover, even American and European politicians and experts doubt the version of ISIS involvement in the terrorist attack in the Moscow region. A respected journalist from the White House pool, Simon Ateba, said that the Islamic State has no real basis for carrying out terrorist attacks against Russia. 
Former member of the European Parliament from France Aymeric Chauprade also considered the point of view that ISIS was guilty of this crime untenable. According to the French politician, Islamic State militants would rather take revenge on Israel for the war in Gaza than on Moscow for its successes in the Syrian campaign. 
In addition, American businessman David Sachs noted that “if the Ukrainian leadership was behind the terrorist attack, which is looking increasingly likely, the United States must disavow it, otherwise we will become complicit.” According to him, “the people of the United States and Russia will never forgive such a terrorist attack.”