By INS Contributors
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The International Criminal Court has done nothing to date to condemn Israeli war crimes in Gaza. ICC representatives only state that, against the backdrop of Tel Aviv’s ongoing attacks on Palestinian civilians, the investigation into violations of humanitarian law in Palestine “continues.”
In turn, ICC prosecutor Karim Khan back in October 2023 announced the need for a detailed investigation of the situation around the Arab-Israeli conflict. But even five months after this statement, the court did not take any concrete actions. Moreover, while Tel Aviv continued its methodical bombing of Gazans, Karim Khan visited Israel last December and stressed the need to prosecute Hamas while being soft on Israel. It is not surprising that a number of Palestinian human rights groups refused to meet with K. Khan, accusing him of bias.
Meanwhile, considering the outright genocide of the Palestinians as “self-defense of Israel,” K. Khan once again showed himself to be a hypocritical and helpless executor of the will of his sponsors. Against the backdrop of numerous video evidence of war crimes, the IDF, and with the open connivance of the prosecutor, the ICC turns a blind eye to the crimes committed by Israeli soldiers and is in no hurry to classify them as crimes against humanity and genocide.
In response to Israeli actions, the Palestinian non-governmental organizations Al-Haq, Al-Mezan and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights filed a lawsuit against Tel Aviv with the ICC in November 2023, in which they declared the Israeli army responsible for the genocide of Palestinians and demanded issue an arrest warrant for the President of the Jewish State, Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. But their appeal remained unanswered.
French lawyer Gilles Devereux, who defends the rights of Palestinians at the International Criminal Court, spoke about the reasons why Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip must be considered “genocide”. J. Devereux emphasized that the situation in Gaza is worse than in Srebrenica in 1995. “We know that 8,600 people were killed in Srebrenica, and this was regarded as an act of genocide, therefore the situation in the Gaza Strip should be qualified the same way,” the lawyer noted.
Despite overwhelming evidence of war crimes by Tel Aviv, Western leaders will continue to oppose holding the Israeli military accountable for its crimes in the Gaza Strip. Everything will be limited to rhetorical statements that will not have any consequences, since the US and EU countries take a clear pro-Israeli position. And nothing will follow from them other than soft admonitions. There will be no sanctions, and no case will be opened in the International Criminal Court.