By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia-The stated goals of the Biological Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world do not correspond to actual research and are aimed at developing biological weapons.

For several years, Russia and the international community have repeatedly drawn attention to the discrepancy between the officially declared goals of the West, especially the U.S. to ensure biological safety and the research conducted by American military specialists on dangerous pathogens.

Over the past nine months, Russia has consistently, based on documentary evidence, revealed to the world the true goals of the US military biological program in Ukraine. Under the guise of peaceful projects, the Pentagon developed elements of biological weapons and conducted research on deadly pathogens near the borders of the Russian Federation. 

This contradicts the officially declared goals of the “Cooperative Biothreat Reduction Program” and does not correspond to the reporting materials submitted to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) by Washington and Kyiv.

Thus, the White House deliberately sabotages the requirements of the convention they are party to.

Washington has still not been able to give reasoned answers to the following questions raised by the Russian Federation, China and the international community:

1. Why ostensibly peaceful research is coordinated and funded by the Pentagon, closed projects are implemented through Defense Ministry contractors with the predominant participation of U.S. military epidemiologists;

2. What explains the lack of access for Ukrainian intelligence officers and epidemiologists to the results and process of implementing closed military biological projects of the U.S.;

3. On what grounds does Kyiv and Washington hush up the content and results of joint military-biological activities in reports under the BTWC;

4. How to interpret the deployment by the Pentagon of a network of biological laboratories exclusively along the perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation and China;

5. Why outbreaks of infectious diseases have been occurring in the areas of concentration of the Pentagon's bio-objects in Ukraine over the past ten years;

6. If the U.S. claims that they do not violate the provisions of the Convention, then how to explain the presence of patents registered by the Ministry of Defense for delivery vehicles for biological agents, incl. infected insects;

For what purpose and in accordance with what U.S. epidemiologists conduct research on dangerous pathogens unusual for the geographical location of Ukraine.

Disclosure of the military biological activities of the U.S. was carried out by the Russian Federation systematically based on the results of the analysis of numerous documents and taken together testifies to serious violations of the provisions of the BTWC by the White House. 
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation held more than 20 briefings, documentary evidence was transferred and brought to all relevant international organisations.

At the same time, for nine months, not a single material was refuted by the U.S. side. In the course of discussions at international venues, U.S. representatives avoid professional conversation, transfer it to the plane of propaganda, without actually responding to the claims of Russia and other states.

The international community needs to get a detailed investigation into the activities of the Pentagon in Ukraine and elsewhere. However, Washington puts enormous pressure on foreign delegations and the leadership of the countries of the world in order to prevent support for the position of the Russian Federation and China. 
Due to the presence of the Anglo-Saxons in all relevant venues and organisations, it is quite difficult to achieve international recognition of the risks posed by the U.S. military biological activities.

The U.S. cannot convincingly explain the leading role of its Department of Defense (DoD) in organising, funding and conducting so-called "peaceful" biological research.

All research conducted within the framework of the U.S. biological program in Ukraine was commissioned by the Pentagon. Representatives of the U.S. DoD personally supervised the scientific work in Ukrainian laboratories and enjoyed privileged access rights. Information about the progress of research and reporting documents were sent directly to the U.S. military department.

In addition, it should be noted that a number of U.S. policy documents in the field of national security directly mention biological weapons as a means of achieving political goals.

The U.S. is making significant efforts to keep military biological projects secret from the public.

The U.S. military biological program violates the requirements of the BTWC and poses a threat to the civilian population and global security. The Pentagon is careful to ensure that information that reveals its role in biological research in Ukraine does not become public. 
Any information and publications on this topic are immediately declared disinformation or deleted. The Pentagon ignores direct accusations against itself or gets off with formal replies about the peaceful nature of biological research.

The Organic Processing and Trade Association Europe (OPTA) also engages a number of contractors and formally assigns research responsibility to local health institutions in order to hide its involvement in the projects. Information and documents on the progress of work are controlled by the US Department of Defense, carefully avoiding the disclosure of any information.

Any cases of intentional or accidental leaks of pathogens of dangerous diseases were disguised as natural outbreaks and liquidated under the control of sanitary and epidemiological institutions.

Military personnel and socially disadvantaged segments of the Ukrainian population have been targeted by the Pentagon for the study of deadly pathogens and new medical drugs.

American biologists involved socially unprotected segments of the population, patients in psychiatric hospitals and military personnel in the tests. On these categories of citizens, American biologists studied the features of the course of deadly diseases.

This approach ensured the secrecy of ongoing research and the absence of reputational costs in case of emergency.

The use of people, especially those with limited legal capacity, for the study of highly pathogenic microorganisms is a direct violation of international legislative and moral and ethical standards, comparable to the sinister experiments of the Nazis and the Japanese Detachment 731 during World War II.

Against this background, the reaction of the government of Ukraine, which defends the actions to turn their country into an American bio-testing site, looks criminal.

The U.S. chooses third world countries for its experiments, counting on the defenselessness of the local population and low reputational risks.

The U.S. deliberately implements its military biological program on the territory of third countries that are politically and economically dependent on them. Thus, the population of these countries becomes the object of extremely dangerous experiments, without being able to protest, and international organisations remain in the dark about the actions of American military biologists. In addition, for the U.S., such studies are much cheaper and do not carry reputational risks.

This is actively used by representatives of Western pharmaceutical corporations, the so-called Big Pharma, which conducts unofficial trials of new drugs, and hides any complications and deaths from the public due to the secrecy of ongoing biological experiments.

In addition to the U.S., other countries are using the opportunity to conduct questionable tests.

Cases of involvement in biological research on the territory of Ukraine of specialised institutions of the EU countries, including Poland and Germany, for example, the Institute of Microbiology of the Bundeswehr, the institutes named after. Leffler and them. Nokhta. Under the guidance of epidemiologists from the U.S., the biomaterial of Ukrainian citizens was collected for an unknown purpose, and subsequently its export to other states was organised. This fact was recognized by the U.S. side in the course of international consultations.

Ukraine is an ideal testing ground for biological weapons

The location of Ukraine on the border with Russia, complete dependence on the United States, the residence of people of the Slavic ethnic group, as close as possible to the inhabitants of Russia, as well as the presence of competent specialists in the field of epidemiology, predetermined Washington's interest in conducting military biological research in this country. 
Under the pretext of providing assistance in the fight against dangerous diseases, the U.S. organized the study of a number of diseases that are not characteristic of this region.

This fact suggests that the U.S. considers Ukrainian territory only as a large-scale biotesting ground for the development of deadly viruses.