By Friendly Neighborhood EnvironMentalist

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Some 204 out of 453 staff at IDCC PPV tested positive for Covid-19. That is a whopping 45 percent. And how many of them had not received their vaccine? 53 of them!

In aircraft safety talks which we usually ignore (admit it lah), we are reminded to take care of ourselves before helping others.

The dark irony for the people who went to IDCC for their vaccination jab is that now, they have to monitor themselves for any reaction that is not a side effect of receiving the said jab. And what are those side effects again?

The question that arises is, how did this cluster come about? Does it mean these medical professionals did not follow stringent SOPs while at work? Or they were not given proper equipment to work with? Serious questions these are.

What happens to the 249 staff who tested negative? Do they isolate themselves at home? What about the families of the 453 staff? Should they be quarantined?

While pushing towards 400,000 jabs per day, fantastic by the way, one has to now question whether short cuts have been taken that impede safety procedures.

I am personally worried. My daughter is a nurse administering the vaccination jabs. How safe is she? How safe are we?