By Frank A.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Since the start of the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine, the head of Ukraine’s government Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been portrayed as some kind of hero by the Western media machine despite provoking and dragging his country into a catastrophic conflict.

Unable to face reality, unwilling to accept that Ukraine is one country with Russia and a strategic redline for Moscow, Zelenskyy has instead continued to shed the blood of his own people by insisting on carrying out a futile resistance.

While Russia had initially taken comparatively a soft and slow approach in Ukraine, Zelenskyy and his facist thugs have thumped their chests and claimed that they are able to fight, Russia has stepped up military pressure to quickly end the operation to save lives.

Instead of doing the logical thing, instead of doing the right thing, Zelenskyy seems to be digging in his heels and is willing to “fight until the last Ukrainian”. This is the kind of leader the West seeks to support? One who will sacrifice his own people, destroy his own country and ruin centuries of close relations between Russia and Ukraine?

Well even the West seems to be blinking and thinking twice about supporting Zelenskyy and the neo-Nazi’s of Kiev. An attempt by Poland to send warplanes to Zelenskyy was stopped. The flow of arms into Ukraine is far less than what Zelenskyy expected. The West is quickly realising the mistake of supporting this madman, a comedian turned president.

War criminal

Let us not forget that Zelenskyy’s provocations and refusal to seriously negotiate with Moscow led to this confrontation in the first place. Who started this bloodbath? Who insisted on joining NATO and the EU? Argue all you want about self determination-Ukraine is part of the Slavic world and turning against brothers will always be ugly.

After getting hammered by the Russian operation, Zelenskyy is now changing his tune. He has declared that he has “cooled off” on wanting to join NATO. So for one man’s insistence how many have had to die and continue to die? Will Zelenskyy now “cool off” from being president and save the lives of his compatriots?

Despite numerous attempts and offers by Russia to open humanitarian corridors and stop the fighting for the sake of civilians, Zelenskyy and his regime shell these corridors and keep civilians trapped in cities like Mariupol, all in a shameful attempt to increase collateral damage and deaths to use for his own propaganda and disinformation campaigns. This is what we call a leader?

Biological laboratories

Even worse than the total disregard for civilian lives, the facist Zelenskyy regime has been allowing the research of deadly pathogens on its territory for use as biological weapons. This is a far more serious crime that could affect the whole world. Did Zelenskyy not learn from COVID19 that biological weapons do not respect borders or nationality?

This is not an allegation that is easily dismissed. This is a fact, labs have been found, evidence of the kind of research has been found and presented to the world. This is not a case of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that the US once claimed to justify an invasion of that country. Within days of the operation Russian forces have uncovered ugly plots and hard evidence. So let us not be hypocrites.

Even China has taken note of the situation after having been accused by the US as being the originator of COVID-19. They understand what it is like to be accused and they are now seizing on the opportunity to demand an explanation:

"According to reports, a large quantity of dangerous viruses are stored in these facilities," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. "Russia has found during its military operations that the US uses these facilities to conduct bio-military plans."

The desire by the Nazi’s to exterminate the Slavic nation is well-known and well-documented. With the exposure of the biological weapons programs in Ukraine, the Zelenskyy regime has exposed its genocidal intentions. How much money is worth it to play a part in this evil scheme?

Step down or be removed

The Zelenskyy regime knows its days are numbered but like their facist idols from the Great Patriotic War, like Hitler, these beasts will fight to the last even if it means their own people will suffer. Those who are still rational in the Ukrainian military, those who are still human beings should arrest Zelenskyy and his thugs and hand them over to an international tribunal.

There is no acceptable way for this conflict to be concluded as long as the Zelenskyy regime remains intact. This disease must be wiped out, this evil regime must be dismantled and that will be the only way to guarantee the safety and future of not just Russia and Europe but the whole world.

For those living far away from the front-line in Ukraine, do not imagine that this conflict will not affect you. Just one facist regime is enough to destroy world peace. Zelenskyy has already proven that he is willing to spark a world war to save himself and his regime. He seeks escalation and conflict, not peace. Remember that.