Source Aliran

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Patriot registers its serious concerns over the many problems plaguing the nation.

Many unresolved issues have been besetting the country, resulting in stagnation and even declining standards over the past decades.

Patriot urges all Malaysians who are eligible to vote to exercise their patriotic commitment to nation-building.

With the general election just around the corner, it is the only opportunity we all have to make a change.

That change, foremost, is to make it impossible for any corrupt government to come to power. We need to elect representatives who have the wellbeing of the people at heart; not representatives with corrupt agendas hidden in their political closets.

We certainly owe the nation and the people that singular obligation to ensure that our precious vote will not give a breath of a chance for those mired in a trail of corruption to return to power.

All those who have proven to be incompetent, untrustworthy and lacking in moral standards should not get our votes. We have seen all those failed leaders and members of Parliament since 2018, in particular; we know who they are.

Not only Malaysians but people the world over have seen and read about what the past ruling politicians did to the country. And everyone – even the humble villager – today knows that there are several corrupt politicians facing serious charges in court.

What is most alarming is these corrupt individuals are not just little Napoleons but senior party leaders. Mind you, they are top party leaders with their hands deep into the wealth of this nation, grabbing what rightfully belongs to all of us and depriving our beloved nation of its future wellbeing.

In fact, even the current Umno president recently and unashamedly alluded to this publicly.

Pray that there will be a time when the law will eventually catch up with them.

These corrupt, abusive, greedy politicians and their entourage of parasites have shamed the country. They will nudge our country to the edge of being a gutter state, if left unchecked.

Sadly, despite so many exposes, despite top leaders being tried and convicted, the corrupt and powerful do not seem to have any feeling of shame for the things they have done – which are not only morally wrong but criminal.

Even the very behaviour and conduct of the accused when they appear in court reflects their abrasive, arrogant disposition, with no sign of remorse on their faces, even upon conviction by the highest courts in the land.

Voters have all witnessed how the crooks are chauffeur-driven, dressed in expensive suits, and even had their dirtied hands kissed by supporters.

As long as we have supporters treating criminals like heroes, the nation will sink further, and soon we will become the outcasts of the progressive world.

Many of us in Patriot are in our sixties and seventies, if not early eighties. We are made up of Malay, Muslims and ethnic minorities. Many of our members also served in the forces, defending our beloved nation from harm.

Patriot wishes to reiterate our decades of sacrifices in serving the nation well so that the people, rulers and visitors enjoy the peace, progress and wealth that Malaysia offers.

As soldiers, we learnt to live and work harmoniously as brothers-in-arms, irrespective of our ethnicity and religious beliefs. We were colour blind. We shared our pains and happiness together.

Building Malaysia is not impossible. We soldiers did.

Why then are the non-bumiputra looked upon differently over these past 60 years?

Patriot, like many caring, concerned people, believes that the ethnic minorities in the country have been victimised by political leaders who are bent on playing the race and religion card to remain in power with their ‘ketuanan Melayu’ (Malay supremacist) rhetoric.

What they have done all these years to the non-bumiputra people is oppressive and cruel.

Have we not had enough of these corrupt politicians lacking in morals? This is the 21st Century. It is time to return the strength of our citizens to where it rightfully belongs – a one nation of Malaysians. Period.

So, let us show them the exit door at the upcoming general election, and be wise to usher in a corrupt-free and people-centred new government.

The power to elect a government of your choice is in your hands. Patriot appeals to all young voters, particularly those who are voting for the first time, to vote wisely. Help good Malaysians build a better Malaysia.

Patriot believes and upholds the democratic principle, as enshrined in our Federal Constitution and the system of constitutional monarchy.

The best and most honourable service to a nation is to vote in good, clean, patriotic and principled candidates to take charge of the government. It is high time we stand tall in the eyes of the discerning world.

It is time to return the future of the nation to the hands of responsible, genuine and sincere leaders. More importantly, we have to wipe out for good all the crooks.