By H G Rahman

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The collective West comprising mainly of the U.S., the European Union (EU) and their colonies of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have for a long time accused their enemies of terrorism.

This has been the basis they have used, an excuse or caucus belli to intervene or outright invade and destroy a number of countries since 19 including Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and a long list of other countries. This has taken the form of destruction of civilian infrastructure leaving countless millions without power, water and other utilities.

This is the Western way of war. In short this is terrorism. This is all the more ironic as the West has been fighting a decades long “War on Terror” which has not only destabilised whole regions especially the Middle East.

Now the West brings its terrorism to Ukraine. Few countries are able to stand up to the collective West and among those even fewer have the military means to back up their words and among these only one, Russian President Vladimir Putin has the strength and moral high ground to call out the West for its terroristic tactics.

 “The world economy is experiencing an acute crisis associated with unstable price dynamics of energy resources, an imbalance in supply and demand, as well as openly subversive actions of individual market participants who are guided solely by their own geopolitical ambitions.

“They resort to outright discrimination in the market, and if it doesn’t work out, they simply destroy the infrastructure of competitors,” Putin said in his remarks at the Russian Energy Week forum, labelling the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines as “an act of international terrorism”.

On September 26, the Nord Stream pipeline network was sabotaged, resulting in a rapid pressure drop and leakage under the Baltic Sea. The operator, Nord Stream AG, said that it was impossible to estimate a timeframe for repairing the project and resuming deliveries.

Moscow has been investigating the pipeline incidents as acts of international terrorism, while European Union officials also said that the gas link was sabotaged. Russia hinted that the US and Britain are to blame for the attack.

Putin stated that one of the Nord Stream threads is believed to function, so Russia is ready to deliver extra gas to Europe during the fall and winter. Putin stressed, however, that the "ball is in the EU court" with the bloc needing to react.

He noted that the Nord Stream system may be repaired, however, such repair work would only make sense if its future security were to be guaranteed.

At the same time, the President stated that part of the transit route lost due to the sabotage may be directed to Europe via the Black Sea, as Russia can create a large gas hub in Turkey, if the EU is interested.

Of course the collective West has been attempting to deflect responsibility for the disaster at Nord Stream 1 & 2 and are engaged in aggressive propaganda efforts to blame Russia or even just to make the situation as confusing as possible.

And days after refusing to cooperate with Russia, Sweden has rejected plans to set up a formal joint investigation team with Denmark and Germany to look into the recent ruptures of the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines. So what exactly is going on?

And the biggest loser in this, Germany, is hardly making a sound even though the German people will face severe energy shortages and probably a cold and hungry winter and an even more desperate spring as its industries have no energy to continue operating.

Can there be any doubts that it is the West behind it? It is after all their most trusted terror tactic. Let us not lose sight of the Kerch bridge attack. Or even the attempt to sabotage the TurkStream gas pipeline. Of course we must expect all this to continue until the facist regime in Kiev is finally dismantled. Until then let us all be vigilant.