By INS Contributors

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia: The peace advocacy group HWPL organized a peace camp at Stairway to Hope Learning Centre in Sabah, Malaysia on June 17. The camp was aimed at teaching students about peace through fun activities.

Stairway to Hope Learning Centre is an alternative school for school-age Filipino children to provide education opportunities targeted to teenagers for their literary skills. The students at STH received additional educational opportunities and social interaction with their peers at the school.

Eight teachers from Stairway to Hope, who completed HWPL's Peace Educator Training (PET) program over the past three months, played a key role in teaching the students during the camp. They were trained to teach peace education.

During the camp, the students explored topics like the original state of nature, importance of self, values, roles and duties as well as the law-abiding spirit and law of peace by having gratitude and respecting others. The teachers have prepared interactive discussions and hands-on activities such as role play, work together cup games, and hand arts for students to learn about peace.

Marilou S. Chin, the founder of Stairway to Hope, expressed her gratitude to HWPL for providing the Peace Educator Training (PET) and organizing the Peace Camp. She emphasized, "Without peace, our world will be in turmoil. We want to introduce this concept of peace to you as part of our moral education. In return, you will be able to grow up and live in peace and harmony with one another."

A special session was held to recognize the teachers who successfully completed the Peace Educator Training (PET) program and received certificates, officially acknowledging them as certified peace educators. Their commitment to peace education was praised, and they were applauded for their efforts in equipping themselves with the necessary skills to educate and inspire students about peace.

Ridzma, one of the students, shared, "The peace camp today has been a great eye-opener for us young students. It has made us realize that there are still many places in the world where peace is lacking. Today, I have learned so much, such as the importance of understanding, effective communication, not forcing my teammates, and the need to develop strategies to become a good leader."

Jannah, a teacher from Stairway to Hope shared, “I am very excited actually since yesterday, today everything went very well, all the students participated and worked hard in their team, teachers all participated together as well. It is good to have a camp like this in the future again.”

The HWPL peace camp at Stairway to Hope Learning Centre facilitated a learning opportunity for students, fostering their awareness of global peace issues and equipping them with essential skills to promote harmony and understanding. HWPL continues to demonstrate its commitment to promoting peace and empowering youth worldwide through peace education.