By P. Ramasamy

GEORGETOWN, Malaysia--Whoever said that Malaysia is a secular nation with a secular Constitution where the rights of the non-Muslims are protected.

Over the years there have been both subtle and overt forms of Islamisation. These forms are to  deny non-Muslims the right to make decisions on a whole range of matters.

In other words, there are more and more restrictions on the choice of non-Muslims.

It is not about drinking alcohol or even gambling in the gaming shops. Not all non-Muslims drink alcohol and not all patronise the 4D gaming shops.

It is for the non-Muslims to decide for themselves what is good and not good.

There is no need for moral policing resulting in the denial of their rights whether to consume or not to consume alcohol. Or their right to make decisions about their involvement in gambling.

The bold and insensitive move started with the recent ban on the sale of alcohol in sundry, retail and Chinese medicine shoots in the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory by the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ( DBKL) despite protests.

While the MCA or Gerakan or the MIC kept silent on the ban, the MCA emerged to take credit for allowing the sale of the controversial Timah Whisky.

The producer of this whiskey was merely required to place a label somewhere on the bottle that Timah refers to the metal tin.

What a victory for the MCA having lost its voice in the DBKL’s ban on the sale of alcohol in sundry, retail and Chinese medicine shops.

Pathetic to say the least.

Emboldened by the DBKL’s move against non-Muslim retail shops, the Kedah state government has ordered all the local councils in the state to ban the 4D gaming outlets.

Now if this decision is not Islamisation against the rights of non-Muslims, then what it is.

The gaming outlets are not just frequented by non-Muslims but also Muslims who want to try their luck in earning quick money.

If the state wants to ban the Muslims from frequenting the gaming centres, I have nothing to say.

The state government or the local councils have no right to deny the non-Muslim their right to frequent or not to frequent the gaming outlets.

I would like to ask the stand of political parties such as the MCA, Gerakan and the MIC about this ban.

The Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammed Sanusi Md Nor also announced that steps would be taken to restrict the sale of alcohol in rural areas.

If by and large, Muslims do not  consume alcohol what then is Sanusi’s problem.

Why this bigotry against the non-Muslims?

Are they not citizens who have paid their taxes?

What wrong have they done to antagonise Sanusi to take punitive measures to punish them?

Don’t they have the right to make their own decisions whether to consume alcohol or to frequent 4D gaming outlets.

Who is Sanusi to deny the rights of the non-Muslims?

Why the necessity to close down gaming outlets and shops selling alcohol.

Why the necessity to ask people keen on gaming or buying alcohol to turn their attention to Penang.

Does Sanusi think that compared to Kedah, Penang is low on morals?

Or simply Sanusi cannot avoid the temptation to take a dig at Penang whenever there is a chance.

What is important in Kedah is the need to ban indiscriminate logging especially in the water catchment areas?

There is a need to attract investments to improve the employment situation.

A big portion of industrial workers from Kedah are working in Penang not in Kedah.

Rather than appreciating  Penang for providing employment opportunities for Kedahans, Sanusi is passing moral judgment on its neighbour.

The so-called heroes of non-Muslims, the MCA, Gerakan and the MIC must come to the fore to oppose this vicious Islamisation against non-Muslims.

MCA can take credit for the sale of Timah Whisky or the MIC becomes over grateful for the PN government for making its president the special envoy to South Asia.