The planned rare earth element (REE) mining in Jelai forest in Pahang will destroy the Orang Asli community and environment.

Environmentalists and activists from Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) had observed hundreds of small water streams underneath the thick jungle canopy which is not shown by Google Maps. The in-situ leaching method proposed mining company will introduce toxic mining fluid into the forest soil. The toxic mining fluid will dissipate and seep to contaminate small streams of waters before merging in larger river water.

Polluting the river will destroy the Orang Asli community’ foods sources as they depend exclusively on the streams and river to irrigate the kebun and fish. The river also provide water to irrigate farmland for the village at midstream.

Orang Asli communities had observed many endangered species such tiger, tapir, bears, elephants and exotic birds within the mining site.The evasive rare earth element (REE) mining will threaten the food and water supply of these beautiful creatures. The reduction of one species will greatly impact the whole forest ecosystem as tropical rainforest ecosystem is extremely fragile.

The state government needs to cancel the mining approval for the planned rare earth element (REE) mining in Jelai forest in Pahang.

Written By

National Coordinator
Bureau of Enviroment & Krisis Iklim
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)