By INS Contributors

BANGKOK, May 1: The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc to the global economy, disruptions in supply chains, stunted growth and incalculable socio-economic devastation worldwide.

In this backdrop, one country proudly proclaims how it has grown rather than shrunk, proudly telling those affected by a virus that originated within its borders that it has successfully contained the pathogen, while leveraging on its effects to come out as the biggest economic winner.

As countries are forced to spend on their healthcare systems like never before, as their productivity drops, what should they do? How can they turn their otherwise bleak situations around?

On an individual basis, if someone infects you, whether deliberately or not, with a debilitating illness that causes you to lose your health, job and income, you might very well be able to sue them for a loss of income, whether current or potential.

This is already playing out at the local level in a great many countries: businesses, individuals and groups affected by the various anti-Covid-19 measures, especially lockdowns and other movement restrictive measures are initiating legal action against inept governments and policymakers.

While this may be a kneejerk reaction by the “little man”, why not scale this up as a strategic means of gaining compensation over the loss of income that all countries have suffered from this pandemic.

Those already in the debt trap, covering countries as diverse as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to a whole host of African countries can now use the loss on, income, economic damage, health crisis and a plethora of problems generated by the pandemic to cancel out their debts and in fact turn their economies around by demanding the appropriate compensation.

This great “redistribution of wealth” as communists frequently claim to champion will kick-start the global economy, putting money into the hands of countries, governments and people who had in good faith signed up for the now floundering Belt and Road Initiative and are now facing economic ruin thanks to the very country that touts its cash reserves and economic progress in the face of the most ruinous catastrophe since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Of course the Party is already aware of what’s to come and has commissioned articles through its vast network of global collaborators including this curios piece – Suing China for COVID-19 is impossible and may backfire.

Countries in the debt will be able to reclaim their ports, land, assets and dignity by taking such a course of action, whether unilaterally or multilaterally, but make no mistake, this is a once in a lifetime golden opportunity that must be acted on decisively. Time is off the essence.

The party is also about to celebrate its 100th birthday, a reminder of how far they have come in the oppression of mankind, from one country to dozens and even spawning a global recession that they thump their chests about overcoming and using as a steppingstone for their next phase of global domination.

If these countries, those within the debt trap and those affected by the pandemic will come together and demand the necessary damages, the world could kill two birds with one stone, knocking down an aggressive expansionist power that threatens the global order while making a nice pile of money to ease the burden brought on by the pandemic.