By ST Arasu

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--I was shocked to note that the Batu Kawan Parliamentary seat will see the Chief Minister (CM) of Penang as the candidate. Is there no other talented and deserving candidate in DAP?

And why should the CM be given the seat where he already is a state assemblyman (ADUN). Why not spread the responsibility and give others a chance. Why is the CM of Penang so selfish and greedy?

Also Batu Kawan had Indian candidates since 2008 when Prof Ramasamy beat Koh Tsu Koon and since then it is a winning seat. If the seat is given to a Chinese in easier times, should not the party give another ‘replacement’ seat to an Indian candidate?

What are Prof Ramasamy, Jagdeep Singh, Ramkarpal Singh, Rayer and other Indian leaders doing in Penang? Have they become so comfortable where they are?

In Teluk Intan, the underperforming Nga Kor Ming is not only contesting there again but is also contesting the state seat of Kepayang. Why are these leaders so greedy and depriving others of a chance?

Again Teluk Intan in 2008 was won in difficult times but in 2013 was given to a Chinese who won easily and since then no Indian was fielded. At least the Pasir Bedamar state seat should have been given to an Indian.

It looks like Indian candidates are used to fight difficult battles but after winning the seats are given to Chinese candidates. What are leaders like Kula and Sivakumar doing to safeguard Indian interests since the Chinese leaders in DAP are so selfish and parochial?

Labis in Johor is the same - in 2013 an Indian candidate lost with a margin of 300 plus votes but after that the seat was given to a Chinese till now.

In Kuala Lumpur there are five seats held by DAP and all five are by Chinese. Why can’t the party allow an Indian to contest in KL instead of greedily giving all five to Chinese candidates.

Worse still Fong Kui Lun in Bukit Bintang is about 76-years-old and going into his sixth term, Tan Kok Wai in Cheras is going into his 5th term and Teresa Kok is also going into her 5th term. Lim Lip Eng in Kepong is going into his 4th term.

Does DAP not have other talented or deserving candidates? The voters too have to bear the tiredness of seeing the same faces for so many terms.

I may sound a little racist here but facts must be told and the general public are united but it is parties like DAP that is dividing the people by denying fair representation.

I expected the new Secretary General of DAP to have brought changes in the selection of candidates. Anthony Loke, when he took over the position proclaimed that the Indian voters play a crucial role but did not turn talk into action.

In Klang, Gobind Singh gives a pathetic excuse of three terms to drop Charles but he is the national deputy chairman and sits in the five-man selection committee and allows others to contest for a 4th, 5th, 6th and even 7th term.

In PKR, it looks like  Saudara Anwar Ibrahim has not learnt any lessons when he is fielding an ex-MIC guy in Sg Buloh. Before this he trusted ex-MIC members like Nallakaruppan and Gopalakrishnan who both put him to shame. Even the new Vice President Saras is actually from MIC.

Why can’t Anwar trust his original PKR members and groom them to be candidates and leaders instead of allowing useless ex-MIC members to crowd around him?

Anwar will never learn and again and again will be back stabbed and will gleefully make the same mistakes again.

*ST Arasu is a former member of the Malaysian armed forces.*

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of INS.