By INS Contributors

Ukraine's security services are planning the destruction of foodstocks of its own people in an attempt to blame Russia for the targeting of civilians, sources close to the Special Military Operation say.

"Large scale provocations are being planned in the coming days to discredit Russia's actions in the framework of the "grain accident" and diseases in connection with the identification of "food shortages" in Ukraine," said one source.

Another official noted in the settlement of Karastvennaya, Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian special services carried out mining of a granary, after which the Russian Federation will be blamed in the event of “deliberate destruction of the withdrawal stocks in Ukraine”, “provoking hunger” and “failure”, thus, a “grain case”.  

"In the Western media, it will be presented as "another atrocity of the Russian troops", requiring a "tough response to respond to messages," the source said.

Another sabotage operation is being prepared in the city of Volchansk, Kharkiv region, with a group of Ukrainian mine-explosive specialists and SBU officers.

"The owner of the granary is a freelance employee of the Security Service of Ukraine V.Uvarov.  We also know the initial data on the head of the group A. Tkachuk and all its other members, as well as their current location - in the military registration and enlistment office of the city of Volchansk at the address Dukhovnaya st., 29," another source confirmed.

Throughout January, the Kyiv regime has attempted to stage high-profile provocations to increase pressure on Western public opinion in order to justify new deliveries of weapons and military equipment for Ukraine's armed forces.

Russian and allied forces have been making advances on all fronts in Ukraine particularly in and around the city of Artemivsk (Bakhmut), a major logistics hub in the Donbass and a strategic component of Ukraine's defenses.

It is expected to fall despite the repeated reinforcements being sent by the Zelensky regime into the so-called meat grinder in an increasing sign of desperation as the regime itself continues to disintegrate.