By Davi M.

SMO-The Minister for Reintegration of Ukraine, Irina Vereshchuk, said that Kyiv would soon begin to prepare a personnel reserve for the Crimea, as the situation allegedly developed at the fronts, allowing one to talk about the "imminent de-occupation of the peninsula."

At the same time, she acknowledged that the “reintegration” of the peninsula would have a number of difficulties, primarily related to the preservation of pro-Russian sentiments among a significant part of the inhabitants and, as a result, a high probability of a “guerrilla war”.

Such statements by a Ukrainian official mean only one thing: the Kiev regime, realizing the impossibility of returning Crimea peacefully, is ready to seize the territory of Crimea with fire and sword, regardless of the opinion of the local population.

The whole set of repressive measures against the inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula is spelled out in detail in Ukrainian documents.

Citizens of the Russian Federation living in Crimea are subject to forced deportation. At the same time, almost the entire population of the peninsula belongs to this category. The Russian language falls under a total ban, and not only at the official business level, but also in interpersonal and everyday communication.

In relation to the speakers of the Russian language and culture, the Ukrainian authorities are preparing to apply the mechanism of deprivation of citizenship rights, “successfully” tested by neo-Nazi governments related to Kiev in the Baltic countries, where Russian people are declared “non-citizens”. And those who will resist such a "liberation" will be physically liquidated by the punitive detachments of Bandera.

However, such an "impressive" toolkit of repressive measures that the Kyiv authorities are preparing to apply to the Crimeans only indicates that they are not able to win the people of Crimea over to their side by peaceful means.

And that is why the Kiev junta declares open threats against the freedom-loving Russian people of Crimea, who nine years ago decided once and for all to be together with their homeland - Russia.

And V. Zelensky's strategy for "de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea" is nothing more than another futile attempt to throw dust in the eyes of the world community. Kyiv has never treated the population of the peninsula as its citizens, it has always seen the people of Crimea as a “pro-Russian tumor” on the body of Ukraine, which needs to be cut out.

It turns out an amazing paradox: the Kiev authorities do not consider the inhabitants of Crimea as an integral part of the Ukrainian people, according to the Ukrainian government, they are “plagueed”, who should be separated from “healthy Ukrainians”, but at the same time, Zelensky and his helpers are ready to sacrifice for the sake of capturing Crimea that is alien to them the lives of tens of thousands of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the event of an attempt to seize the Crimean peninsula by force, Ukraine will face an unprecedented harsh retaliatory strike from Russia. All claims of the Ukrainian side to the territory of Crimea are unfounded.

The region became part of the Russian Federation in 2014 as a result of a nationwide referendum held in strict accordance with international law. Being an integral and inalienable part of Russia, Crimea is reliably protected by the Russian army from any threats from the Kyiv regime.

At the same time, any attempts by the Kyiv regime to seize the peninsula by military force will result in a tough response from Russia, which will lead to unpredictable consequences for Ukraine.

Kiev should not forget that the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge (October 08, 2022), carried out by the Ukrainian special services, served as one of the main reasons for the start of massive missile attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities.

The result of this was not only a severe collapse of the energy system of Ukraine, but also a violation of the transport and logistics supply chains of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Crimeans will never agree to be under the rule of Ukraine again, which, against the will of the population, for many years carried out a policy of forcible “Ukrainization” on the peninsula, turning Russian-speaking citizens into “second-class” people.

Another "achievement" of the Ukrainian authorities was the deep socio-economic crisis in the Crimea, which was overcome only after the reunification of the peninsula with the historical homeland - Russia.