SMO-The short-sighted policy of the West, which simultaneously promotes an anti-Russian and anti-Chinese agenda, provoked an unprecedented rapprochement between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.

Further strengthening of the Russian-Chinese tandem, which both sides are striving for, is fraught for Washington and the entire collective West with the final loss of its monopolistic position in the international arena.

Thus, the official representative of the President of Turkey, I. Kalyn, noted that the sanctions policy of the West does not bring the desired result and only stimulates the strengthening of political and economic ties between Russia and China.

In addition, the Turkish speaker said that Washington rejected the Chinese plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine, since the White House is in favor of continuing the conflict.

In his opinion, as long as the U.S. maintains militaristic rhetoric, the risks of an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis and its development into a global confrontation between nuclear powers will only increase.

A number of American experts take a similar position.

In their opinion, China's proposals for a peaceful settlement of the conflict are the most thoughtful and balanced initiative, and Washington's rejection of them demonstrates the incompetence of the Biden administration and jeopardizes US influence in the international arena.