By Aliran

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The so-called investigation by the Securities Commission incredibly concluded that there was “no conclusive evidence” of proxy trading by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Azam Baki despite Azam having earlier publicly announced that his brother had used his account to buy millions of shares.

He had declared this ‘truth’ to the entire nation through his press conference on 5 January 2022. Notwithstanding that, the Securities Commission has amazingly cleared him of any wrongdoing!

The Securities Commission’s strange conclusion contrasted and contradicted Azam’s ‘confession’. We are told that he had earlier privately given this same version of his story involving his brother to the anti-corruption advisory board on 24 November 2021, which was confirmed by its chairman, Abu Zahar Ujang at the same press conference where Azam later spoke on 5 January.

Did the Securities Commission haul up Azam before them when they conducted their investigation? We were not told. When was this so-called probe carried out? We were not told. Who attended this probe? We were not told.

A lot of things have not been told to the Malaysian public. Aren’t we important enough to know the truth? Don’t we deserve to be told?

We maintain the Securities Commission should have summoned Azam to provide some salient answers. If their internal investigation did not provide conclusive evidence of breach of rules, they should have questioned why he misled the country and Malaysians by blatantly lying. 

He even hoodwinked the anti-corruption advisory board, whose chairman had apparently swallowed Azam’s explanation hook, line and sinker: he clarified Azam had appeared before the board and they were convinced he had committed no wrong and therefore the board had cleared him of any wrongdoing.