Source Global Times

BEIJING, China:Since Japan began dumping nuclear-contaminated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plan into the ocean from August 24, the Chinese Embassy to Japan has received a large number of harassing phone calls from Japan with many using aggressive language toward embassy staff, and the embassy's fax machines have also received threatening letters, a staff member of the Chinese Embassy in Japan exclusively told the Global Times on Friday.

According to the official, some right-wing anti-China forces have been causing disturbances and disruption in front of the embassy, greatly affecting the operation of the embassy. In response, the embassy has requested local Japanese officials and police to take effective measures to deal with such behavior.

The Chinese Embassy in Japan once again reminded Chinese citizens and enterprises in Japan to be vigilant for their own safety. In the event of an emergency, Chinese nationals can contact the consular office in the jurisdiction as soon as possible and the embassy will work to safeguard the personal safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese nationals living in the country.

On August 28, Chinese Ambassador to Japan Wu Jianghao met with Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Masataka Okano, during which Wu further elaborated on China's firm stance on the issue of Japan dumping nuclear-contaminated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant, emphasizing that Japan's insistence on dumping the wastewater despite strong domestic and international concern and opposition represents significant risk and unpredictable harm to the global marine environment and the health and safety of all mankind, causing strong indignation across the international community, including China.

Wu also lodged a solemn representation regarding the harassment faced by the Chinese Embassy in Japan, stating that the embassy has recently received a large number of harassing phone calls from Japan, which seriously disrupted the normal operation of the embassy.

China urges Japan to handle this matter in accordance with the law and effectively ensure the safety of the embassy premises, personnel, as well as the safety of Chinese institutions, enterprises, citizens, and tourists in Japan. China will continue to legally safeguard the security of the Japanese Embassy in China and the legitimate rights and interests of all Japanese citizens based in China, according to Wu.