By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The registration of MAPPAC on 18th June 2018 has been the catalyst in setting the pace for the launch of the 1st Malaysian Children’s Hospice (MCH) Kuala Lumpur on June 17, 2023. The 2nd being MCH Sibu, Sarawak on Nov. 11, 2023. 
They are fundamentally to improve the quality of life of patients and their families facing the challenges associated with life-limiting illnesses. 
The launches are instrumental for the Klang Team to work relentlessly towards the formation of the 3rd Malaysian Children Hospice Klang. With a dream turned reality, this will be officiated on2nd March 2024.
MAPPAC’s focus on respite care is aimed to help parents to obtain home health, and hence may prevent eventual burnout, family dysfunction and disharmony. 
These 3 Hospices have commenced attending to the referrals since their respective establishments. With distinctive goal clarity, these Children’s Hospices will provide:
• Clinical Service to children being referred from hospitals for regular home visits, telephone communications and medical equipment loan
• Educate and reassess home care techniques and symptom management of caregivers (training)
• Psychosocial support with music and play therapy and counselling services
• Temporary relief for caregivers through respite care at the patient’s home
Special training programmes have been lined up since 2023 for parents/caregivers, social workers, volunteers, counsellors and anyone with the passion to help in children palliative care. One can obtain comprehensive details from our website.
More trained volunteers would help to intensify continuous home visits to the needy.
The Klang Children's Hospice (like the other two hospices) is more than just a facility; it represents a collective commitment to providing holistic care for the children and families at home, covering from Shah Alam, Klang to Kuala Langat. 
More significantly, the services are non-chargeable and this include doctors and nurses home visits, physiotherapy, loan of medical equipment (at a minimal down payment) and respite care provided by homecare volunteers.
It is prudent to highlight that the availability of funds will provide sustainability to administering these hospices. This will ensure that paediatric palliative care services would continue to reach out to the needy. 
The challenges heighten once the Klang Hospice is initiated. By raising the awareness level on paediatric palliative care, we hope to achieve greater public support and participation in our various projects lined up for 2024.
Besides the planned and memorable Opening Ceremony itineraries, Advocacies on public awareness and Training
and Education will be showed case in talk shows and workshops like:
• About Children Palliative Care
• How to communicate with a sick child
• Parents and Child Art Programme
• Story Telling Dynamics
MAPPAC has come this far due to the immense support from the sponsors, donors, volunteers and the public alike. 
Their generosity will always remain in our heart as their trust is the fulcrum and motivational for us to strive even harder in fulfilling our pledge to the children for, “At MAPPAC, the child and family matters!”