The Fly that Flu.
The importance of U and Y.

Facts are Facts.
Facts cannot change.
The Fact may not necessarily be the Truth.

'Ecce Veritas' is behold the Truth. What is Truth. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

The Fact is Donald Trump lot the 2020 Presidential Election by a landslide. The Truth as believed by MAGA supporters is 'their President's was cheated of the election by a Venezuelan President working together with the evil Democratic Party.

Fact is what is presented. Proof is how one spins it.

Saying fly instead of flu is a faux pas. Malays say he 'tersasul'. Forgiveable, maybe.

Unfortunately for the speaker, this is not the first faux pas he has uttered, and it probably won't be the last.

The year 1916 was 2 years before the actual outbreak of the Spanish Flu. The death toll quoted wasa mere 2% of the actual. 50million people died, not 1 million.

To err is human an all that. But when a person of importance speaks off the cuff and ends up in hot soup, we need to get these characters to read from a prepared text.

(The importance of U and Y)
It is important for you and I to get these right facts. Why? Because wrong facts will lead to wrong conclusions, and wrong actions.

So while many laugh at the fly that flu, I would like to offer a different view. Let us take this opportunity to take this as an important lesson, to 'prepare, prepare, prepare'! Have a text or reading notes available. Shooting of the hip looks cool, but wrong facts leaves egg on the face.

Fly, be free !