The most enlightening thing about the Prime Minister's address was that he is willing to test his majority in parliament when it sits in September, 2021.  This would finally put to rest who has the majority once and for all in the open and not is secrecy.

In the next one month PSM feels that the PM will use all his power to buy support, destabilize UMNO through the Registrar of Societies (ROS), since it is under the PN government‘s  ‘control’ . It would also enable pro-PN UMNO camp i.e. Hishamuddin and Ismail Sabri to consolidate their power within UMNO. Whatever done, the rakyat is only interested that COVID-19 cases drop and people are able to resume their livelihood. This perhaps would be the biggest challenge the current government faces.

Most Malaysians are actually fed-up with the current political crisis. They want the pandemic to be controlled and they feel that Mahiaddin’s failure was in handling the pandemic rather than his questionable ability to get majority support in parliament.  COVID-19 would ultimately decide the fate of this government as it has done to many other governments in the world.

In these times of uncertainty PSM calls for all public institutions and civil service like the PDRM, MACC and DG of KKM to remain professional and avoid being used by the political elite for them to remain in power and assist the government by suppressing freedom of expression and protest. Democracy and freedom are always compromised when the ruling party is in crisis.