By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--BUSINESSFWRD is a business platform set to connect and build a long-term network among powerbrokers and experienced c-levels in effort to rebuild business in post-pandemic challenges. 

Besides serving a common platform for businesses, c-levels and stakeholders to gather, BUSINESSFWRD also serve the following benefits:

i. Creates exclusive mutually beneficial relations among C-levels and entrepreneurs across various industries in a network base to help in sharing knowledge, experience, and information. BUSINESSFWRD gathers the same mind-like power brokers that share similar aspirations that would help members with support, tools, advisory and morale boost.

ii. Reposition businesses to have a better position and remain competitive by leveraging activities and professional events managed by BUSINESSFWRD for members that will create a more relevant public image of their business to potential clients, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

iii. Advance and rebuild business post pandemic through the adoption of digitalization that empowers sharing of information sharing, insights of new trends and technology, expanding current clients’ portfolio and generating more business referrals with opportunity for potential partnership, business venture and expansion of existing business and industry. A platform that gathers a pool of experts and professionals’ assistance to provide fresh and different perspectives to transform businesses to be pandemic-ready.

iv. Creates more jobs and business opportunities that contribute to economic growth.

BUSINESSFWRD will start with the business community within the Lembah Pantai and Bangsar vicinity, bridging all relevant stakeholders to rebuild businesses with cohesive and creative business models and solutions.
BUSINESSFWRD will initiate Project BizValley to help elevate and provide business support and advisory for 50 business owners/entrepreneurs.

Details of Project BizValley as follow:

• 50 Business owners/Entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in Project BizValley.

• One month once mentoring session by a key industry leader.

• Training on Digital Transformation, Financial Management, Social Media & Marketing, Business Model, Design Thinking.

• Participation in Business Networking events.

• Collaboration partners will provide relevant advisory and business tools to support current business operations.

"In the slowdown of the business industry during the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Intestars Business Venture has come up with an innovative way to reconnect and recreate business dynamics through the establishment of BUSINESSFWRD.  

"We are delighted to have support from our business partners Xinergee Sdn Bhd, Zetacard and Future Finance to help us in the fight to elevate more affected business owners due to the pandemic." said Nur Ardini, the co-founder of BUSINESSFWRD.

Intestars Business Ventures is a company that focuses on building meaningful business collaborations, developing start-ups and companies while enabling digital transformation. 
The company is committed to develop innovative strategies and impactful events to support business growth and creative solutions in anticipating the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.