By Russian House

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--On February 12, the Russian House in Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Russian Center of Science and Culture (RCSC), will host an annual international chess tournament dedicated to the Day of the Diplomatic Worker in Russia and timed to the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Russia.

The Malaysian Chess Federation and the Russian Chess Federation are involved in organizing the tournament, which is traditionally held with the support of the Russian Embassy in Malaysia. 

At the same time, both employees of diplomatic missions of foreign states accredited in Malaysia and all chess fans, regardless of age, can participate in the tournament, which confirms the slogan of FIDE–"We are all one family".

There is no fee for participation in the tournament, and prizes will be symbolic.

The photo exhibition "Chess Museum" of the Chess Federation of Russia will be presented to the attention of distinguished guests who do not plan to participate in the tournament.

Among the unique exhibits: a photo of a chess set, which was played at the first ever chess match "Cosmos-Earth" on June 9, 1970.

Especially for this historic event, Russian engineer Mikhail Klevtsov created a special chess set for playing in zero gravity: the pieces were fixed on the board not with a magnet, but with a special system of springs.

The game between the cosmonauts of the Soyuz-9 spacecraft, Andriyan Nikolayev and Vitaly Sevastyanov, and the team of the Mission Control Center-the head of cosmonaut training, Colonel General Nikolai Kamanin and cosmonaut pilot Viktor Gorbatko ended in a draw, and chess returned to Earth together with the cosmonauts and was presented to the USSR Chess Federation.

Even for a sophisticated audience, the image of chess by Tuvan masters of the second half of the 20th century will be of great interest, where small pieces have carefully worked out details and differ from the usual chess pieces.

The queen, for example, is a mythical lion, the elephant is a camel, and the rook is a snake curled into a "knot of happiness". Experts find in these figures the influence of neighbouring China.

For more information about the chess tournament, please contact the Russian House in Kuala Lumpur.