By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--By whipping up tensions around Ukraine, Washington is trying to solve a number of foreign and domestic political problems.

Against the backdrop of a gradual loss of dominant positions in the international arena, the US leadership intends to build up anti-Russian hysteria to rally "client" countries around the USA and give a new impetus to transatlantic solidarity.

At the same time by forcing European allies to tighten sanctions on Russia the US administration is trying to increase its own share in the EU energy market and influence European economies.

In addition, the Ukrainian issue is actively used by the political establishment of the United States to divert the attention of the American population from Washington’s managerial failures that contribute to the development of the crisis in the country.

At the same time, the main efforts are aimed at creating the image of the Russian Federation as an enemy responsible for the unprecedented rise in inflation and a significant deterioration in the well-being of US citizens.

The West is trying to benefit from the supply of obsolete equipment and weapons to Ukraine

Supplying Kyiv with used weapons will allow NATO member countries to get rid of unnecessary equipment in order to increase the number of new types of weapons and military hardware.

In particular, Berlin handed over to Kyiv the Strela complexes, the use of which Germany has stopped due to their increased explosiveness, thereby getting rid of additional costs for disposal.

At the same time, a number of countries participating in NATO reached agreements with Washington on the supply of old weapons to Kyiv in exchange for new ones.

For instance, Slovakia supplied Ukraine with an S-300 air defense system, having received Patriot complexes from the USA. The United States intends to get the huge benefit from the Ukrainian conflict by getting contracts for new military products with Europeans under the pretext of raising the level of the Russian threat.

Raytheon Technologies general manager Greg Hayes said he is pleased with the conflict in Ukraine and thinks this as a good indicator of further arms sales.

“This is a boon for US military contractors who are expected to profit from increased Western spending to strengthen the Ukrainian armed forces”.

The Hill magazine wrote in turn: “Since the beginning of the year securities of US defense industry giants Lockheed Martin have risen by almost 25 percent, while similar Raytheon Technologies, General Dynamics, and Northrop GrUmman’s securities have risen an average of 12 percent.

Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin will receive about $19.5 million under the Javelin anti tank missiles supply contract alone which was concluded on February 28, 2022”. (

The training of foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine is carried out by members of Western intelligence services and officers of NATO member countries.

As a result of the use of high-precision weapons by the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Training Center was destroyed near the city of Ochakov (Mykolaiv region).

At the same time, American and British special forces servicemen were among the dead, who used this military facility as a training base for training recruits for combat operations in Ukraine. 

In addition, Western instructors who remained in Ukraine after the start of the Russian Armed Forces are fighting in the ranks of the Foreign Legion.

This fact, with reference to intelligence information, is confirmed by the European media, including the French newspaper Le Figaro. So, among the mercenaries are soldiers of the American and British special forces.

They were transferred to Ukraine long before the start of hostilities to train the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - including the skills of conducting reconnaissance and sabotage work.

The West is implementing a policy of "double standards" towards Kyiv

Statements by the United States and its NATO partners for allocation V.Zelensky with gratuitous financial and military assistance do not correspond to reality.

Thus, Ukrainian taxpayers this year alone will have to pay about $16 billion of debts to external creditors and more than $2 billion to the International Monetary Fund. Even in the conditions of war, the West is not going to provide Kyiv with a deferred payment, leaving it "one on one" with its own financial problems.

Dissatisfaction with the presence of Ukrainian refugees on their territory is growing in the EU countries

The migrants who flooded Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic demanded that the local authorities provide them with the most comfortable living conditions at the level of five-star hotels, free travel on public transport upon presentation of a Ukrainian passport, as well as other “benefits”. In return for their hospitality, Ukrainians terrorize European citizens.

Videos distributed on the Internet clearly demonstrate that migrants from Ukraine are often intoxicated, use profanity and often use force against the local population. 
It is noteworthy that most of the Ukrainians are young people of military age who actually deserted to Europe not wanting to die for the current government.

Military assistance to Ukraine from the West in the near future will become a serious "driver" of the growth of crime in Europe

The USA, Great Britain, Germany and other European countries regularly supply Kyiv with a significant amount of weapons and military equipment.

At the same time, the decision of the Kyiv authorities on the uncontrolled distribution of weapons to the population, including outcasts and amnestied criminals, led to its massive overflow to the "black market".

It is impossible to exclude the illegal transfer of weapons supplied as part of Western military assistance to European countries, which will provoke a sharp deterioration in the crime situation in the EU.