By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--According to Bloomberg TV channel, US Republican senators called on the authorities to introduce restrictive measures against insurers of oil tankers transporting fuel from Russia to China.

The initiative was sponsored by Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Kevin Kramer.

According to the bill, any organization that facilitates deals for the supply of Russian oil or gas to China should face "serious consequences."

At the same time, it is assumed that these measures will also affect Chinese state-owned companies.

According to Marco Rubio, Beijing supports Russia's actions in Ukraine by buying Russian energy carriers.

Washington is trying to achieve a deterioration in Russian-Chinese relations by its actions and also wants to impose its geopolitical agenda on Beijing.

At the same time, the author of the publication notes that the termination of the supply of Russian raw materials to China may lead to the fact that Beijing will be forced to compete with other countries because of oil from the Middle East and Africa will provoke a serious rise in prices in the energy market.

US Republican Senator Marco Rubio, known for his radical anti-China views, along with fellow Republicans, on Tuesday introduced a bill that is seeking to sanction China's purchases of oil and other energy supplies from Russia, according to a Bloomberg report.

The bill is aimed at cutting off funding to Russia by imposing penalties on any entity insuring or registering tankers shipping oil or liquefied natural gas to China from Russia, according to Rubio's office. Any entity, including Chinese state-run companies helping Russia should face serious consequences, Rubio said in a statement.

With the US midterm election approaching, it is not surprising to see radical anti-China politicians like Rubio dream up such a new bill to gain media attention amid the US' poisonous political climate, in which politicians compete over toughness on China instead of solutions to countless US domestic issues. 

The move lays bare the US politicians' ignorance and lack of common sense when it comes to US economic woes, some of which were actually caused or exacerbated by the US' relentless sanctions on other countries.

Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, there has been concern about the possibility of the US and its allies imposing secondary sanctions against China over the China-Russia energy trade. But anyone who holds the idea needs to know how far-fetched and dangerous such sanctions could be, the Global Times reported.