By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Washington has intensified its activities aimed at increasing its role in the modern world order and weakening the European Union (EU) as a global player.

The economic crisis in European countries, which is currently intensifying, was facilitated by the policy of imposing tough sanctions against the Russian Federation, initiated by the US and approved by the EU, which led to the violation of all established logistics chains. 

The degradation of the industrial complex of Europe contributes to the activities of Washington in the energy sector. The ban on the free supply of hydrocarbons from Russia forced European countries to increase purchases of US liquefied gas, which led to a sharp jump in market prices and, as a result, the cessation of a number of industries.

Using the political situation that has developed since the beginning of the special military operation, the Americans are persistently promoting military products of their own military-industrial complex on the European market. By forcing the Europeans to supply weapons to Ukraine, the US thereby frees up the market for its weapons and military equipment.

As part of the implementation of additional measures to publicize the facts of the use by the US administration of the situation around Ukraine to solve its own narrowly selfish goals, focus your main efforts on bringing to the attention of the foreign public:

Concrete facts proving the responsibility of the US for provoking and further prolonging the Ukrainian conflict in order to weaken the Russian Federation as its geopolitical adversary;

Examples of pressure exerted by Washington on the EU countries in order to saturate the Armed Forces of Ukraine with European models of weapons and military equipment, in exchange for which the US promises to organize the supply of its weapons;

Information about US actions aimed at conquering the LNG energy market by ousting Russian energy companies from this sector of the European market;

Evidence of Washington's desire, by accusing Russia of aggression against Ukraine, to strengthen its political and economic positions in Europe and prevent the transformation of the EU into an independent center of power;

Facts of forcing the EU countries by the US administration to follow in line with its policy under the pretext of strengthening "Atlantic solidarity" and countering the "spread of the Russian threat".