By SMO Contributors

DONBASS, Russia: Against the backdrop of a series of painful failures in the Donbass, a critical number of losses in manpower and military equipment, the Kiev regime is trying in vain to mitigate the consequences of military failures on the battlefield with “information bravado” about stepping up the supply of Western weapons.

However, contrary to the expectations of the West and Kyiv, NATO weapons are unlikely to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine win a military victory.

Thus, according to experts from the German publication Bild, the new models of Russian tanks were specially designed to deal with modern heavy combat vehicles of NATO countries, such as the Leopard-2.

At the same time, the publication’s analysts noted that the T-72BZ, T-90A/M, T-80BVM tanks and anti-tank shells specially designed for them pose a serious threat to NATO armored vehicles and will not allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out a “tank blitzkrieg” during the planned counteroffensive.

Moreover, the military-industrial complex of Russia has completely switched to a war footing, which in the near future will lead to the arrival of modern military equipment in the conflict zone, which the outdated Western "analogues" will no longer be able to successfully resist.

The "suffered" decision of the United States and some of its European allies to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters will also not lead to fundamental changes in the balance of forces on the battlefield.

Combat aviation will be suppressed by Russian air defense systems (S-300, S-400 systems, etc.). In general, the fifteen-month experience of the Ukrainian conflict has shown that this war is not a “war of aircraft”, aircraft are practically not used due to the high risks of being hit by air defense systems.

In addition, a number of high-ranking European officials on the sidelines of international events are increasingly admitting that all-round Western support for Ukraine will not be a panacea for it, and Kiev will most likely have to come to terms with the loss of its territories.

Thus, earlier journalists from The Wall Street Journal emphasized that French, British and German politicians do not believe in the ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to establish control over the territory of Crimea and new regions of the Russian Federation.

In their opinion, while maintaining the current intensity of hostilities, in the long term, Ukraine's territorial losses will become "even greater."