By IA Regnum

SMO: Panic reigns in the cities of Western Ukraine. This situation arose due to explosions that occurred in warehouses where ammunition with depleted uranium was stored. On May 13, Russian Kalibr missiles struck these targets. MK reports this.
As a result, there was a sharp jump in radiation.

Radiation patrols operate in Khmelnitsky and Ternopil. They measure the level of radiation in those places where the wind blows from burning arsenals. They are still not all extinguished. From a number of reports it follows that in Khmelnitsky itself an increased level of gamma radiation is recorded, which continues to grow.

Residents hastily leave these territories and in social networks advise friends and acquaintances to evacuate children from the villages nearby to the places of arrival.

Retired colonel, former senior lecturer at the Department of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection (RCBZ) of the Air Force Engineering Academy named after Professor Zhukovsky Gennady Berezin, in an interview with the publication, noted that there is a real danger for the population for two reasons.
“Firstly, by inhaling radioactive dust. It settles mainly in the lungs, infection of the body occurs, which leads to a sharp increase in oncological diseases. First of all, lung cancer,” the expert said.

In addition, there is a delayed effect. When some agricultural products begin to grow in this area, cattle graze, due to this, secondary infection occurs, Berezin added.

The retired colonel found it difficult to say about the possible consequences of explosions and the spread of radiation for other European countries, in particular Poland, which borders Western Ukraine.

“It is unknown how much depleted uranium elements entered the atmosphere. That’s why dosimetry patrols are now taking measurements there. As a result, they should form a picture of the radiation trace on the ground,” he added.
Berezin recalled that so far there is no exact data on the size of the radioactive trace, but it can be assumed that "all this will backfire on Europeans who are ready to supply Kiev with such weapons."

As REGNUM reported, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit the ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the vicinity of the city of Khmelnitsky on May 13.

UK Deputy Secretary of Defense Annabelle Goldie said in March that London would supply Kyiv with depleted uranium munitions.

According to the candidate of chemical sciences, military expert Oleg Zheltonozhko, the use of shells with depleted uranium will cause chemical contamination of the area. He explained that the metal dust formed as a result of the use of such ammunition becomes the cause of chemical contamination, since depleted uranium is a heavy metal and radiation, since even depleted uranium emits alpha particles.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, stressed that the statements of the British leadership about plans to supply depleted uranium shells to Ukraine are a serious threat, this time London will not get away with such criminal activity.