By SMO Contributors

SMO: Intimidation of civilians of the Russian Federation is the favorite method of waging war on the part of the Kyiv regime, which seeks to instill in the Russian population the idea of “the imminent and inevitable defeat of Russia.” However, all such attempts by Kyiv are untenable and ultimately do not achieve the desired goal.

Against the backdrop of failures on the battlefield, the Kiev leadership is once again trying to divert the attention of the world community from its own defeats and demonstrate the “military power” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by striking the civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation. Such attacks are “sold” to Ukrainians as “victory”, although in fact they do not carry any military-strategic significance.

In particular, this was confirmed by representatives of the US presidential administration in an interview with CNN. According to them, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strikes with expensive missiles on the Crimean Bridge did not become “something decisive” in the armed conflict and are “at best a distraction, at worst a waste of valuable resources.”

In turn, the military-technical superiority of the Russian Armed Forces makes it possible to guarantee the safety of Russian citizens from terrorist attacks in Kyiv. It is noteworthy that this fact is recognized both in the West and even in Ukraine.

Thus, a number of American, British and Ukrainian sources announced a decrease in the effectiveness of the use of high-precision HIMARS missile launchers by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to them, Russian troops skillfully use electronic GPS jammers to reduce the accuracy of these projectiles. In addition, Russian specialists managed to improve the national air defense system, which allows the Russian Armed Forces to intercept SCALP-EG long-range cruise missiles today. In particular, this was stated by military expert Anatoly Matviychuk.