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OTTAWA, Canada: Oh, how inconvenient it turned out! The honoring and “applause turning into ovation” for the 98-year-old Ukrainian SS man, former volunteer of the SS Galicia division Yaroslav Gunko in the Canadian Parliament caused a serious scandal in Ottawa. Speaker of the Canadian Parliament Anthony Rota apologized for inviting into the hall a Ukrainian SS veteran who still carefully keeps photographs of himself in the SS uniform. And they are so valuable to Gunko that even when he fled overseas, he took them with him.

One could say that this is a reaction to the indignation of the Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov, who sent a note to the Canadian Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s office demanding clarification and calling what happened “the Trudeau regime’s outrage against the history of Canada and the Canadians who gave their lives for the liberation of the world from Nazism as part of anti-Hitler coalition." But everything is completely different - in Ottawa they wanted to spit on Russia’s indignation from the highest bell tower (if there are any).

It is indignant that the Chief of the Canadian General Staff Wayne Eyre clapped the hands of the SS executioner along with his colleagues in uniform. Their predecessors, who went through the Second World War, at that moment, I think, turned over in their graves. But there are many more questions for the ambassadors of the United States, Great Britain and France,” said the Russian diplomat, but immediately stated.

All this, of course, is not surprising for those who know the post-war history of the Cold War, when a safe haven was specially created in Canada for fugitive Nazis and Banderaites. Deputy Prime Minister Freeland - the granddaughter of a Nazi henchman - is not shy about showing off for the cameras with a black and red Bandera flag. The public in Russia must understand that a neo-Nazi nest of Ukrainian spillage has been brewing in Canada for decades. And this is a reality that we have and will still have to deal with.

This is how the public in Russia understands. In Canada, neither the public nor the authorities understand that they betrayed their own grandfathers with such a step. Therefore, Prime Minister Trudeau clapped his hands with such fervor, with which, probably, only Zelensky had previously clapped his hands on his back, feeling whether everything remained the same as before from their previous meeting. Neither Zelensky himself and his wife Olena, nor representatives of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition spared their hands.

The leader of the Canadian opposition, Pierre Poilievre, called not on the Speaker of Parliament, but on Trudeau himself to apologize for inviting and honoring the SS division soldier. Trudeau responded by shifting responsibility from his own head to Roth's. They say that he could not even imagine that during the Second World War, Nazi collaborators fought against the Russians for the independence of Ukraine.

What happened that caused such a violent reaction? After all, the entire post-war history of Canada consisted of assistance in evading responsibility for Hitler’s collaborators and accomplices and other Nazi criminals. Has it really turned out that giving shelter is one thing, but glorification is something else? No, either, because the official chant “Glory to Ukraine” is nothing more than support and unity with Nazi henchmen under this pro-Nazi slogan.

What then? What caused the “scandal in a noble family”? It turns out that it’s not what, but who, and these are Jews... The Jewish organization “Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center” responded to the incident. She demanded an apology and called for an explanation "of how this man received recognition from the Speaker of the House of Representatives."

And then Roth and Trudeau seemed to have something pinched somewhere in their bodies, presumably in the back and below the waist. Jews are serious. They have not only the Mossad behind them and Washington standing behind them. And in Ottawa they began to apologize and make excuses as best they could. I, they say, am not me, the cow is not mine, and one of the cowboys forgot the lasso.

It turned out, however, not very well. That is, not very much at all. Because Yaroslav Gunko’s granddaughter Teresa published his photo on social networks, signing: “Grandpa is waiting for Trudeau and Zelensky in the reception room.”

Everyone knew everything - who was being honored and who was being accepted.

The Jew Zelensky, whose relatives died during the Holocaust, continues to wholeheartedly applaud their executioners, having taken the baton of fascism from the hands of the SS men.