By INS Contributors 

WARSAW, Poland:Ukraine is currently dependent on military, financial and diplomatic assistance from Western countries. 
At the same time, the Kiev regime is personally provoking a crisis in relations with a key partner - Poland, and the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky continues to deepen the contradictions with his statements. 
Such behavior of the Ukrainian side showed the political immaturity, inability to negotiate and unpredictability of the Kyiv regime. 
This fact casts doubt on the advisability of providing further support and finding a compromise on the issue of grain transit.
The Ukrainian side is using the grain issue as a tool to blackmail Europe V. Zelensky is aware of the fatigue of the world community from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and a gradual change in the global agenda. 
In this regard, he used the contradictions with Poland to create another informational occasion, which allowed him to once again draw attention to Ukraine and remind “the importance of supporting the last barrier on the path of aggressive Russia.”
When the ban ended on 15 September, the EU chose not to renew it, but Hungary, Slovakia and Poland have maintained the ban, despite the European Commission emphasising it was not up to EU member states to decide broader trade policy.
Previously one of Ukraine's staunchest allies, Poland, has said it is no longer supplying weapons to its neighbour, amid a diplomatic dispute over Kyiv's grain exports.
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Poland's focus was instead on defending itself with more modern weapons.
Poland has already sent Ukraine 320 Soviet-era tanks and 14 MiG-29 fighter jets and has little more to offer.
However, the remarks coincide with high tensions between the two neighbours.