KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The upcoming MIC polls are expected to be a fiery encounter with former Cameron Highlands MP to challenge Human Resources Minister M Saravanan for the party's number two spot in the upcoming November polls.

Speculations have been rife over Sivarraajh Chandran challenging the incumbent Saravanan, who is also the sole MIC MP, for the deputy president post.

Sivarraajh is no newcomer in MIC and has voiced out on many issues affecting Malaysians and the Indian community, including Undi18, custodial death, and the need to implement a workable Indian action plan.

The former youth chief won the Cameron Highlands Parliament seat in 2018 by ousting DAP's M.Manoharan but was later disqualified on technical grounds.

Sivarraajh was the founder of MIC Youth Disaster Aid Centre (MYDAC) and the Malaysian Indian Youth Consultative Council (MIYCC).

The entrepreneur turned politician held various positions in government agencies such as Prime Minister's Special Affairs Division and as Perak MB's Special Officer.

Sivarraajh also held the post of vice-chief for BN Youth Wing from 2013 to 2018.

Known to be outspoken and a grassroots man, Sivarraajh may be seeking to make a change within the party to ensure those deserving help are not sidelined.