By Siti Kassim

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Everyone has the right to retain, maintain or keep their roots and feel proud of it. How we eat whether it's by hand, feet, spoon or fork, chopsticks or whatever that brings our food to the stomach is no reflection of one's identity or patriotism for one's country.

What's wrong calling themselves as Chinese Malaysian or Indian Malaysian when our government itself identifies them in all the forms that we have to fill throughout our lives.

Tick which box that identifies you as a race.  I feel like a fraud when I have to tick Malay as I have Chinese blood in me too and am proud of it.  Nowadays, I just write in Malaysian.

Diversity is a good thing. We simply acknowledge that people are different and it is good that we pull together our different strengths to reach a common goal.  The goal for a better nation.  It is about individuals forming a common cause.

Instead of trying to assimilate everyone into becoming a Malay, we should recognise, appreciate and utilise the unique insights, perspectives and backgrounds of others, promoting innovation, collaboration and higher levels of productivity for a better Malaysia.

Create an environment of trust, respect and inclusion positively instead of the divide and rule that our government had been doing for the last 40-50 years with nothing achieved except failure and disappointment by many.

Sorry Tun, as much as I respect some of the good things you have done for Malaysia, I believe your way doesn't work anymore.

As someone said, time to reset Malaysia.