By Tan Cheng Siong

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--As students, workers, and family members are being continuously and unfairly kept out of Japan, we decided to hold a peaceful demonstration in front of the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.  

However, with heavy police presence onsite, we are not able to submit a memorandum to the representatives of the embassy.

For the past 2 years, the Japanese Government has virtually banned all new entries of students, workers, and family members, keeping them in limbo for the majority of the time. 
This is in stark contrast to the freedom of movement that the Japanese people currently enjoy around the world.

As we speak, Japanese nationals are still allowed entry into Malaysia as students and workers.

Year 2022 also marks a significant milestone for bilateral relations between Malaysia and Japan. 
The “Look East Policy” established by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed 40 years ago has brought immense benefits and opportunities for both nations.

However, with the current ban in place, the efforts and sacrifices over the past 40 years are slowly being undone as students and workers are shifting their focus to opportunities in other countries instead.

This will greatly affect the interests of both nations in the long run.

We strongly oppose the current ban as cases are on the rise in Japan, the need for border restrictions has diminished and is becoming unsustainable.

We urge the government to relax the restrictions as soon as possible and allow students and workers to contribute to Japanese society and economy.