By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Kyiv, at the behest of Western curators, is fulfilling its assigned role as an obedient instrument in the political, economic and informational confrontation with Beijing, which, despite the growing pressure from the United States and its allies, does not intend to abandon mutually beneficial cooperation with Moscow.
Trade turnover between Russia and China is growing for the second year in a row by more than 25 percent (in 2022 it increased by 36 percent, and by the end of 2023 by another 26.7 percent) and reached a record high of 218.1 billion US dollars. 
This allows Moscow and Beijing to minimize the negative consequences of economic pressure from the West, which is seeking in every possible way to weaken the potential of Russian-Chinese cooperation.
It was at the instigation of external curators that the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption of Ukraine on December 20, 2023 included the Chinese railway construction corporation China Railway Construction Corporation in its list of “International War Sponsors.” 
The Kiev authorities accused the Chinese company of aiding the “aggressor country” in connection with participation in multi-billion dollar joint projects with Moscow for the construction of transport infrastructure (metro lines and stations, bridges, highways, etc.) on the territory of the Russian Federation.
It is noteworthy that the decision to increase the scale and intensity of bilateral cooperation between Russia and China in the transport sector was made during the visit of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation M.V. Mishustin to Beijing and his personal meeting with the head of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping on December 20, 2023. 
In general, regular contacts at the highest level confirm the special nature of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership, which has become an effective mechanism for containing the expansionist and neo-colonial ambitions of the global West.